Allyson Young
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
November 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance

[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, public exhibition, sex toys]

Kennedy moved to Austin for a fresh start. She didn't bargain on being exposed to a whole new lifestyle when her friends take her to a BDSM club and she runs afoul of one of the house Doms. Kennedy's history should have precluded any interest in Graham, no matter how hot the man is, but he pursues her with utter determination until she submits. Occasionally. When Graham's last serious relationship shows up and claims he has a child, Kennedy realizes that she doesn't know the man she loves at all. Still, she supports him as only a woman who loves her man can, despite her heartbreak and sorrow, and her own wishes have never seemed so unobtainable.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jan 28, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Almost every woman wishes for a family, a loving husband, children, a dog, a lovely home, picket fence and all. When a woman has poured her heart and soul into a relationship and revealed her darkest moments, it should be expected that her partner do the same. Can a relationship work with only one partner being truthful? I'm sorry but I think not.

Graham Alexander is a resident Dom in a BDSM sex club, Pleasure. He has some very dark, kinky tastes in the bedroom and a need to have a woman submit in the bedroom. Graham sees an interesting woman and is intrigued but she seems to have a temper and he finds himself almost on the brink of fighting for his life. He was not looking for a sub but something about her called out to him. When their relationship started, it seemed that they would have a happy life together, but there was something that he needed to tell Kennedy but he never found the right time. So when a surprise lands at his feet, his happy relationship shattered.

Kennedy Johnson was a strong independent woman but knew she was missing something in her life. She has survived a horrible ordeal that left her with scars on her body and severe PTSD. Kennedy knew that there were kinks that she could not do without having an episode. When she knew she could not hide from Graham, she decided to give him a chance and they moved in together. She struck a deal with him that would let her have 15% control of time in the bedroom and that made her feel a bit more comfortable. She knows that she had fallen in love with him but when the surprising news came, she was shattered. He had not trusted her enough, when trust was everything to her.

WISHES is a good story with moments of laughter, happiness and sadness. The characters were well thought out and the storyline is believable. It moved at a good pace but I wanted a little more at the end of the story. I wanted to know if they could truly became a family because Kennedy was trying not to bond, which I know they did but I wanted to read about it. Ms. Young did a wonderful job in writing Kennedy's character; she was full of spirit, with a feisty temperament that complemented Graham beautifully.

Now as for the sex scenes, all I can say it damn they were hot. Graham has a way of melting Kennedy with his Dom voice. That is all it took for Kennedy to get aroused and ready for anything that Graham dished out with the exception of one scene. Graham got a little carried away and invited his best friend into a scene and broke one of her rules. All I am going to say is that she plotted her revenge and Graham found himself tied up and sexually frustrated. Sorry, Graham, but never break a promise to a woman who might do harm to you while you are asleep.

WISHES is a delightful romance that I gladly recommend to everyone. I will just forewarn you that there is usage of sex toys, flogging and public exhibition but if you are willing to give it a try you will not regret it. I will also advise you that you may need a Kleenex or two.
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