Teya Martin


Siren Publishing, Inc
Release Date
November 2011
Book 2 of The Pack
Erotic Romance, Horror Romance, LGBTQ, Vamps & Shifters Romance

When Frankie joins Tyler and Matt's pack, he is happy to have a family and to finally fit in. Only everyone in the pack is mated and he still feels lonely. Going out for company, Frankie is attacked by rogues, but one of them, Jared, turns against the others to save him. Unable to take Jared home to the pack or let him face death with the rogues, Frankie hides him at his grandmother's house.

Despite the attraction between them, Jared is vicious and defensive, and Frankie is filled with despair when he realizes that the rogue is his mate. How can it possibly work out?

As trust slowly builds between them and the packs find out about Jared, things start to improve. But the rogues aren't about to let things go. Under attack, can they reconcile their differences, beat the rogues, and be the mates they're meant to be?
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