Acts of Passion And The First Time

Kris Andersson
Acts of Passion And The First Time
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House of Erotica
Release Date
August 2011
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Acts of Passion: Daniel Barnes is a rising star with a secret - he can't resist older men. But a chance encounter at a post show party will lead to a trail of destructive desire in a journey that includes a simmering sexual encounter on the banks of the Tiber, casual pickups in Hyde Park abd a decadent threesome where aonything goes. The First Time: A young man recalls a series of sexual firsts - everything from the first stirrings of gay desire with a boarding school roommate and a saucy secret encounter in the locker room to anal passion in the village store with a hairy chested stud and lusty romps with Auntie Syvia - and Uncle Arthur!

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Feb 16, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ACTS OF PASSION AND THE FIRST TIME is a combination of two short stories that were pretty much just sex. As I read it, I kept trying to think of something to say in my review but there really isn't anything significant that comes to mind.

The first story, Acts of Passion, is about a guy who accidentally meets Daniel Barnes, an actor. Their relationship, revolving mostly around a few messages and sexual encounters during a couple of years, really isn't a romance. Nothing close to it actually, and Daniel struck me as a man without any honor, scruples or even emotions while we're at it. The main character in the story is a guy who sleeps with everyone and most of his encounters are one night stands.

Second story I didn't even realize was a second story until I needed to write a review. One just flows into the other and the fact that I have no idea what the name of the main characters is (if it was written I missed it while reading and couldn't find it later on) in either of the stories made them just sort of blend in.

The man, or rather a teenager in The First Time has intercourse with a few characters he is actually familiar with, and while some encounters are nothing more than a one-time thing, others had lasted for a few months. Again it is page after page of sex which is explicit and very crude (but I like crude) and there isn't much in there when it comes to characterization or plot.

It is not badly written and the mistakes were few, but I honestly didn't get anything out of this story except wasted time. I can read porn without plot, and on occasion even do so, that is the reason why I'm rating this with two stars instead of one. Nicely written sex is okay for me, but even with that I expect at least an outline of a story to keep it together, something these two stories really didn't have.
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