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Maggie Montgomery
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Loose Id
Release Date
November 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Lawyer/FBI Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Raelynn's new neighbor doesn't understand Southern snow. When he tries backing out of his driveway and ends up with his rear bumper in Rae's gardenia bushes, what else can she do but invite him to dinner? And when his nearness makes her head buzz, and his unexpected kisses make fireworks go off behind her eyes, what else can she do but kiss him back? The attraction is mutual and hot, but there's nothing simple about the situation. Rae's been avoiding relationships since her husband of ten years left her for another man, and Alec is still getting past losing his wife in a car accident.

Even if Alec is ready to move on and Rae can get over the self-doubts that plague her, they're neighbors. An affair could make neighborhood block parties incredibly awkward. Still, they can't resist and the result is the most incredible sex of Rae's life. She's never had anyone read her an erotic short story and she's sure never tried some of the positions in Alec's little book. But will the fire behind this red-hot, snow-blind, cabin fever fling burn out when the snow melts or will they make it all the way through Alec's little book?

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Dec 11, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Make a cup of hot chocolate and curl up to read this sweet romance. In PAGE 93, Raelynn is a southern belle who's been knocked on her ass. Her ex-husband didn't leave her for another woman. He left her for another man. For a boyish-figured Raelynn, this is a serious blow to her feminine ego.

When a single dad moves in next door, sparks fly between the neighbors when they are trapped in a freak Georgia snowstorm together. Alec finally meets the sexy single mom next door when he crashes into her yard. Every neighbor has already stopped by to say hello but Raelynn. Raelynn's frozen sex life finally thaws out when Alec decides to take her up on her southern hospitality.

This story is a short sugary sweet romance. It's a feel good one with some lovely sexual scenes. Nothing is that graphic but it is lovely to image. The pivotal item this book is built around is the fabled sex book Sexual Positions for Greater Orgasms.

Where is this book? This book does NOT exist. If it did, I would like to look up several of these pages which Alex tried out on Raelynn. The sexual positions detailed in the book sound spectacular. It is also kind of amusing, sort of like going to a favourite restaurant and calling the dishes by their number instead of their name. It is also a cute code parents can use to keep their kids in the dark. "Honey, I'd like a little 93 then 74 and if we could fit in a bit of 109, that would be great!" His answer could be, "As long as I receive some 36, I'm ready." For some people, they may think it's some kind of football reference. In fact, now that I think about it, what are those numbers the quarterback calls out? Things to think about, for sure.

This contemporary romance is recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a sweet smexy happily ever after.
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