Yours, Unexpectedly

Susan Fox
Yours, Unexpectedly
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Release Date
November 2011
Book 4 of Wild Ride to Love
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Merilee has planned her wedding to Matt since they were seven. Yet with the big day drawing near, she has serious cold feet. Her three sisters have found sexy new loves and she envies them the passion that has been lacking with Matt.

Though Matt is shocked when she calls off the wedding, he has to admit that he, too, has a craving for something more. But there's no sense letting their Mexican Riviera honeymoon cruise go to waste. So they go: as friends, not as lovers.

On a cruise where anything goes, they'll have a chance to be adventurous and test their limits - including their sexual ones. And they may discover all the excitement they will need to sustain a lifetime together...

Book Review by Shana Rea (reviewer)
Dec 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's been a long Wild Ride to Love--by plane, train and trailer--and now, we're going on an ocean cruise to Mexico!

Merilee Fallon's sisters have all travelled home for her wedding, and along the way, each has found a wild, passionate love and romance with the love of her life. By comparison, Merilee's relationship with Matt Townsend, her fiancé, seems boring. Meeting each other at age seven, each knew that the other was his soulmate. As life progressed along, they naturally drifted into a relationship and then into foreseeing a future together.

But seeing her sisters jarred Merilee from her situation and she realized she wanted more than what she had at present. She wanted the kind of love that her sisters had, but does this mean what she had with Matt wasn't love? And so, confused, she called off the wedding.

Matt, on the other hand, was at first angry with Merilee's decision. They had a good thing going, what did she mean by her actions? Never one to deny Merilee anything, as well as bewildered and hurt, he agreed. However, unknowingly, each decided to go on the cruise (as it has been paid for with no refund), where anything goes...

YOURS, UNEXPECTEDLY is both wild and sweet. It tugs at the heartstrings and delivers a powerful message or two. It is the perfect ending to the exciting Wild Ride to Love series that has kept me captivated and engrossed.

Merilee's future seems set. She's going to marry childhood sweetheart and soulmate and best friend, Matt, teach school and, if they were lucky, she'd get pregnant (she suffered from complications) and they'd have the family they'd always wanted. Even I think she's got everything going for her. Seems silly to rock the boat, when her fiancé is a good man, not to mention a hunk.

But what started out as envy became a soul-deep search for who she really is. She has her identity wrapped up with Matt as a couple for so long that she didn't know who Merilee is anymore. Or what she wants. And it's the same thing with Matt.

I have to applaud Susan Fox for the delicate way she handled Merilee's and Matt's situations. She wrote about their confusion and misgivings with compassion and realism that jumps out at the reader, humanizing her characters and making them very relatable. Even as I was frustrated that they had to break up, I realized it was needful, that it was a process they had to go through, if they were to grow as individuals and be firm in their self-identity, so they can claim a love that is greater and steadier than they had before.

But will they? That is a question that remains to be answered!

Not only do Merilee and Matt have to grapple with self-identity, but they also had to realize that love and their loved ones cannot be taken for granted. They had to take a step back and look and see and appreciate what they had in order to treasure it all the more. Sometimes, we need to lose something in order to realize just how much that thing means to us.

Would they be able to come to such a realization in one week's time? Or would they decide that they were better off as friends? You have to read this book to find out, and I can guarantee the journey is worth it! There's also a surprise twist toward the end that complicates the whole situation!

Another thing I'm coming to appreciate about Ms Fox's stories is the connection each character has with the other sisters and even their mother. As the series progressed, not only does the heroine of each book grow and change, but she influences the people around her to do so as well, and that is just so realistic, because that's how the world works. Sometimes, we think we're our own little islands, but an action or a word said could create ripples that touch other people's lives. I love how Ms Fox portrays Merilee's family, how they grew closer and more understanding and supportive of one another.

And Matt is to die for! Even when Merilee broke his heart, he's still there caring for her, watching out for her. This man's a keeper! And when they both finally come together (which is part of their sorting themselves out), their passion is hot and explosive.

Matt and Merilee's story is one that will stay with me for some time to come. Fluid writing, absolutely unforgettable characters, YOURS, UNEXPECTEDLY will touch you and provoke you to think about love and life. And like Matt, this book--the entire series--is a keeper!
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