Boats in the Night

Josephine Myles
Boats in the Night
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Josephine Myles
Release Date
November 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Disgraced private school teacher Giles Rathbourne has been sent home on extended sick-leave and is stuck in a rut of obsessive housework and drinking. His ex may have been a snobbish bastard, but without him, Giles is adrift, rattling around his huge, lonely house. When a dreadlocked narrowboater's engine breaks down at the end of his canal-side garden, Giles is furious at this invasion of his privacy—for a while.

Smutty might not have ever held down a proper job, but the fire-dancing, free-spirited traveller can recognise an opportunity for mutual benefit when he sees it. Giles' extensive gardens are in as desperate need of attention as the upper-class hunk is himself, whereas Smutty knows a thing or two about plants and needs a place to moor up.

A simple business arrangement between two men who have nothing else in common? It would be—if they could keep their hands off each other!

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Feb 08, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BOATS IN THE NIGHT is another romantic story by Josephine Myles, and while it wasn't quite as brilliant as Barging In, it was very good. I found the two to be similar. The author has a certain love for unusual men who prefer to drift in life and attract attention with their extraordinary looks.

Smutty is a man who moves around the world, experiencing one adventure after another, not all of them good but making plenty of memories for himself. He dances with lit torches and has a fascinating relationship with fire, from his attention drawing haircut to his colorful tattoo. By chance, his newly bought boat breaks down by the bank of Giles' property.

Giles, a teacher on a forced holiday who's had alcohol problems since his ex-lover Fabian left, isn't all that happy with the prospect of a stranger lingering on his land, but that soon changes, and awkward Giles finds more than momentary attraction toward Smutty lurking within his emotions.

It's a sweet romance between unusual characters which has a nice flow and not too many tripping points. In fact, I don't have any issues with the romance in this book, but rather with a somewhat convenient plot and excessive descriptiveness, which just dragged the whole story for me. Giles was too naive and his relationship with Fabian rubbed me the wrong way. I just wanted him to become violent, smack Fabian a couple of times and move on with his life. Instead everything between them kept floating up in the air without a finalized solution. A few times I even thought the story would take a different direction because there were enough hints to back up that theory, but instead the ending was wrapped up rather fast and in my opinion left a few too many loose ends.

Now that I've read that last sentence and can't have anymore, I keep thinking how it would be nice to see Smutty and Giles together. The relationship we see in the book is solid and cute even, but I wouldn't mind a few more situations with the two of them and even a couple of more explicit sex scenes. Maybe I'm missing the connection between that what's on the screen and me as a reader. In any case, this is a very good romance on the very cute and sweet side, so if you do desire something to make you feel warm and carefree, I would suggest BOATS IN THE NIGHT.
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