The Pirate's Surrender

Laura Tolomei
The Pirate's Surrender


eXtasy Books
Release Date
December 2011
Book 2 of Soulmate
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

The story picks up from where To Seduce A Soul Mate left off, with Martin and Drake, the devil and the pirate, going to Ireland to celebrate Christmas with Martin's family. The story had started the Thanksgiving before, with Martin and Drake meeting at Drake's parents and for both a bell had rung when their eyes first crossed. If for Martin it meant he had finally found his soul-mate, for Drake it was just a disturbing sensation more akin to sexual attraction. However little Drake's tastes ran in that direction, the attraction turned out too strong to resist, so after a month, Martin had seduced his pirate Drake into having sex with a man, something Drake had never considered as an option in his life. The sex is great, reason enough for Drake to accept Martin's invitation, but things in Ireland are not so smooth.
Overwhelmed by Martin's family Christmas welcome, Drake understands he's not ready to commit to anyone, much less a man whether his soul-mate or not. Martin agrees to drop all references to the soul-mate business and on their return to the US, they'll spend a few months apart. During this time, Drake gets transferred to a new division and starts an affair with Michelle, a new colleague. But all he can think about is Martin. No way, though, he's going to call him, but business exigencies bring them back together. The first time they meet again, Drake learns Martin has to leave his apartment, so he offers to rent him a room in his house. Martin eventually accepts, and it's Drake's undoing. No, not because the devil spins Drake into a vortex of sex with men and women, but because the living together and being so close every day is something he can't handle. But as it will turn out, neither can Martin.


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