Lady of the Drake

J.V. Altharas
Lady of the Drake
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Ravenous Romance
Release Date
October 2011
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Lana's village is being consumed by a devastating plague, and the only hope for a cure lies in a forbidden forest claimed by dragons since ancient times. Deep in the woods she finds a realm of forgotten sorcery; and the seductive Alaron, keeper of the forest.

She manages to heal her village and returns to join Alaron in his world of lust and magic, but the rest of the kingdom is dying--and there may be no one to save it!

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Mar 07, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Didn't your mother teach you not to speak with strangers, especially strange naked men in the woods?

Lana was orphaned young so we can excuse her for missing out on this memo. It's a good thing too. She takes it one step further and strips naked in front of the stranger. Alaron is the naked man swimming in a pool of water, harvesting dragon's bane. This is the same herb which healer Lana is desperately searching to find. Her village is plagued with an illness killing off her people. Her last hope it to find some dragon's bane in the forbidden Ashen Forest. Legend says there are dragons that protect the forests. She's neither seen nor heard of anyone seeing a dragon, yet it pays to be cautious.

Lana impresses Alaron with her boldness and even offers her a bit of help to cure the illness. In return, she must keep his existence a secret and return on a certain night to learn more herbal remedies. Bored with her life, for Lana, Alaron is the perfect distraction and "playmate". This starts the beginning of a hot and smexy illicit affair. The more Lana learns about Alaron, the more questions arise. When the truth is revealed, neither Lana nor the reader is surprised. I certainly wasn't. I eagerly anticipated how the truth would be revealed. It was delightful.

Mr. Altharas is a new to me author and one I'll be following very closely. This first full story from him blew me away. The mythology he created for dragons is reminiscent of Andre Norton's Halfblood Chronicles. I loved that series. This start of the Lady of the Drake series is just as good for me with the added bonus of SEX. Mr. Altharas writes hot, hot sex scenes. I was dripping wet after reading this story and wanted to jump my spouse right after reading the book. As a little spoiler, all I can say is, if a male can double penetrate a woman by himself, sign me up. Pick me! Pick me! I want to be with that man. The fact that he can change the size of his penis to accommodate the woman – I'm about to swoon in lustful envy.

While there was a bit of an orgy in the story, the part which really made me hot was the D/s scenes. There were no elaborate toys or devices – just pure smexy spanking and domination. Even better, we switch from maledom to femdom in a couple of scenes. This is very hot for me since it's not often I'm treated with good femdom scenes.

Back to the storyline, it's more than Lana and Alaron getting it on with each other and other members of his society. Lana's world is in turmoil and only Alaron's people can help. There is ancient history of conflict between the two. It isn't pretty. To overcome this obstacle is almost insurmountable because it would take a complete change in mindset. For people to turn 180 degrees in direction within a span of a few days is nearly impossible. Only the direst circumstance such as fighting for survival would possibly allow for a change. Mr. Altharas does a great job of creating the conflict and writing a solution. In this story, there are no real villains. There are essentially good people in bad times. I believe this is a set up for future stories. I am keeping my fingers crossed there is enough demand which allows Mr. Altharas to continue with more books in this world.

As a child while other girls were going ga-ga over ponies and horses, I fantasized about dragons – dragons I could ride and dragons who would speak to me. If you too were one who fantasized about dragons, I highly recommend this book. If you didn't, read this book and you will understand the allure of a dragon. I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers who also enjoy kinky hot sex. The inner Domme in me also says, "Buy this book now! Read it!"
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