Disowned Cowboys

J. Rose Allister
Disowned Cowboys
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2011
Book 1 of Lone Wolves of Shay Falls
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Vamps & Shifters Romance

When Aimee gets lost during a hike, she finds more than refuge in a dark cave—she finds a chained and naked cowboy who claims to know who she is. Dillon and his partner, Kyle, are werewolves determined to become her mates. Just one problem—she shows up for her appointment with fate while wearing another man's engagement ring.

The wolves will shamelessly pursue her, using every seductive trick in a cowboy's book to rope their mate. But even the combined desire of two insatiably virile werewolves may not be enough when Aimee's boss-slash-fiancé and Kyle's pack mates show up to challenge Dillon and Kyle's right to claim the woman they have dreamed of.

Book Review by Midia
Feb 11, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A hot menage. But the emphasis on the physical relationship between the three characters and other problems diminished my appreciation for this story.

Aimee is hiking with her boss, David, when she is surprised by a proposal of marriage. Totally unprepared for the situation, since she and David do not have a relationship beyond
employer and employee, she refuses, but at the David's insistence she agrees to consider the proposal.

Trying to distance herself from the awkward situation after the proposal, Aimee gets lost in the woods. Trying to find refuge from bad weather after hours lost in the woods, Aime find shelter in a cave. But she is not alone. Chained at the bottom of the cave is Dillon.

I had two problems with this story. The first (and most serious) was that I had a huge dislike to the female character Aimee. And the second was that many things in the story were not well explained or are explained quite superficially. Because of these two reasons I couldn't enjoy the story very well.

As I said before, I did not like Aimee. For me, her actions were immature (if you're considering a commitment to one person, you can't go to bed with someone even if he is your mate). And though she ultimately made the right decision, the negative impression had already stayed.

And the little that was given on Dillon and Kyle, they are likeable characters. Both have had to adapt to a situation outside their control and they have done well.

Overall, DISOWNED COWBOYS was a satisfactory reading. It would be a little better if some explanations are more detailed and the relationship between the characters were less physical.
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