Dirty Cowboy

Anitra Lynn McLeod
Dirty Cowboy


Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2011
Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Western Romance

To forgive you must forget, but what if forgetting costs you everything?

As the sole survivor of a cursed cattle drive, Everett Henry kept pushing onward. When he comes across a buck naked man unconscious near a spring, his compassion and his libido are equally aroused. When the man wakes and doesn't remember how he ended up there, Everett offers out a hand of friendship that quickly turns into a lover's embrace.

Dalton Hicks slowly regains his memory while sharing a fire and a bedroll with the most generous man he's ever met. Dalton's longings for acceptance and his cravings for passion are answered in Everett's arms, but Dalton has a secret, one that will cost him everything if revealed.

Faced with a life or death situation, Dalton must choose between keeping Everett alive, but letting him go, or allowing death to take the man of his dreams.

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