Jesse's Girl

Angela Claire
Jesse's Girl
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Siren Publishing Inc,
Release Date
July 2011
Book 2 of Colorado Dreaming
Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Cowboy Jesse Whelan has dreamt of town princess Regina Winthrop—screwing her brains out anyway—since he first laid eyes on her. But she was too good for him, and too well guarded by that psychopathic father of hers. When Regina throws herself at Jesse on the night of her father's death, he can't bring himself to take advantage of her. Jesse comforts her instead, and then leaves town without a word. Regina has never forgiven him for it. A year and a half later, Jesse is back, mysteriously flush with cash and intent on claiming what Regina once offered to him. Regina has taken over her family ranch and learned some hard lessons in Jesse's absence, but she sure as hell doesn't plan on learning what she was begging him to teach her that night. Will Jesse win Regina's love, or will both their dark family legacies threaten to overwhelm them?

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Feb 14, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Don't you just love those tall, sexy, macho guys in their levi's, western shirts, boots and Stetsons? Mmmm… It's even better when they are the real deal. That's what Jesse Whelan is: a cowboy from 1869. He's been hot on the trail of the town's resident princess, Regina Winthrop, from the moment he began working on her father's ranch.

This novel begins with a father's determination that his daughter is going to marry the man he has chosen for her regardless of whether either party is even interested in the other. Old Man Winthrop has decided that Regina will marry Jake Stone, a rich rancher. Jake has fallen in love with Melinda O'Chauncey. Regina's father goes over to Melinda's ranch to kill her, thereby leaving the path clear for Jake to marry Regina. Regina and Jesse rush to Melinda's ranch and intercede, saving her life. Unfortunately, Regina's father turns the shotgun on himself and commits suicide, leaving Regina to pick up the pieces and soldier on.

Distraught, Regina begs Jesse to make love to her to take away the pain of her father's death. They have a hot sexual encounter, but because Jesse is a gentleman, there is no penetration, leaving Regina a virgin for her wedding night. When the sun rises the next morning, Jesse is gone and Regina is alone.

Within two years, Regina has hired ranch hands that are hardworking and loyal. She has sold off cattle, making the ranch smaller and more manageable. Jake and Melinda have married and are expecting their first child. Regina is a frequent visitor to their ranch, along with her ranch foreman, Ike. When Regina arrives at Jake and Melinda's ranch for dinner one evening, who do you think is there, panting to see her again? You're right with your first guess--Jesse! Is Regina happy to see him again? Hell no! Is the passion still there from that night two years ago? Hell yes!

Jesse's ready to settle down and where better than the ranch next to Regina's. He has Winslow Thurman, the town banker, prepare the paperwork and deeds relating to the sale. Jesse arranges to have Regina arrive at the bank while he is there signing papers. He knows Regina is having financial difficulties and wants to help out without her realizing it. So he proposes that they share water and grazing rights on their properties for which he will make a capital contribution, enabling her to pay off her debts. Fireworks erupt and hot foreplay begins, but with no lock on the door, that's as far as it goes. When will the fireworks between the two stop and the foreplay start? Will Regina and Jesse ever fulfill their sexual fantasies?

Enter the slimy lawyer, Philip Cunningham, friend of Regina's father, to draw up the papers regarding payment for the grazing and water easements. Even with the payment, Regina still keeps finding dead cattle and cut fences. Who wants her to fail at ranching? What do they want with her ranch?

Ms. Claire does a wonderful job crafting her characters, from too-hot Jesse, to firebrand Regina, to wimpy Winslow, and finally to creepy Cunningham. Team that with a terrific story full of intrigue and you've got a novel calling out to you to read it! I'm going online to get Colorado Dreaming 1 now!
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