Painted with Pleasure

Dena de Paulo
Painted with Pleasure
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Wild Rose Press
Release Date
November 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Laurel Stevens's professionalism has earned her the opportunity to orchestrate one of Spain's most important art events of the year. She needs the Lunera Exhibition to go off without a hitch, to assure her dream position back home in the States. But when sexy Spanish artist, Alejandro Lunera, introduces her to desires she's never known, she's tempted to risk everything she's worked for to spend one night in his arms.

Alejandro has built his career celebrating the sensual side of women through paint, but he's tired of the clientele his work attracts. He needs a new direction...a new muse. And he's found her. The intriguing Laurel rekindles his passion for color and inspires him to create paint the woman of his dreams.

Can Alejandro convince Laurel to choose the passion and love he offers, or will their time together become no more than a moment painted with pleasure?

Book Review by Erinne (author)
Feb 11, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Alejandro can paint me ANY day of the week! I absolutely fell for each brush stroke that our hero artist, Alejandro Lunera, painted of his muses!

But to every passionate man, a prude will not be far behind! Enter our heroine, tough and rigid Laurel Stevens. She's by-the-book, determined, and career-oriented. But she's about to throw away everything she has worked so hard for just to be touched by Alejandro. That's why this book isn't 5 Stars. I couldn't see such a determined and proud woman giving up so much just for a man. Perhaps it's my feminism speaking, but to endanger her career just for a night of lust? I wouldn't.

However, the story itself was very unique and decadent. I could almost smell Spain, taste the sweat of the beautiful Flamenco dancers, and imagine the very naughty paintings entitled "Orgasm #35" by Alejandro. I enjoyed this read for the most part and I was biting my lower lip, hoping that everything would work out for Laurel. After all, hard work deserves some serious play!
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