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Breathless Press
Release Date
August 2010
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Fashion designer Sunny Benning's world has been torn apart. Her lead designer has been murdered. Sexy Detective Jake Chess makes Sunny's heart throb, but he's got his eye on Rick, Sunny's brother, as the main suspect. Now she's got to control her desires for the detective while convincing him of Rick's innocence.

When clear evidence comes to light revealing the real killer, Jake and Sunny have to move fast to save Rick from a vicious killer-turned-kidnapper, even as they fall in love in the process.

Book Review by Debbie (reviewer)
Oct 23, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sunny and Rick Benning are siblings who have always been extremely close. They survived a rough childhood dealing with their alcoholic father. All her life, Sunny has felt the need to protect her brother. So when Sunny comes home to find Rick's life partner Keven Sommers murdered, she ends up trying to protect him again. Rick is being suspected in the death of Keven and Sunny isn't going to let him go to jail for a crime he did not commit. She is going to have to convince the investigator, Jake Chess, that he is innocent or find the killer herself. But she can't stop her attraction to the investigator. And it seems he feels the same way. Although they both know that it's not appropriate considering there is a murder investigation going on, they can't seem to stop their feelings or the inevitable sexual encounters.

The action starts almost immediately. Sunny came home from work to find Keven dead in his bed. His body had been mutilated, the knife still buried in his chest. Authorities were called to the scene. From the very beginning, Jake suspected Rick of being the murderer and is very slow at trying to look for any other possible suspects.

The murderer is known very early in the book. We also find out that he is a true psychopath. That however doesn't keep you from reading to see how the investigators figure out who the murderer actually is. There is a lot of action and there is a lot of deceit. There are even more murders. And when Rick is kidnapped, it is up to Sunny and Jake to track him down.

One thing that was odd was once Sunny found the evidence they needed to prove who the murderer was, it appeared Jake was more interested in her than in trying to solve a murder. He just didn't move into action as quickly as you would think he should have.

The book had a very nice HEA ending even though I thought Jake and Sunny moved a little too fast in their relationship. It almost seemed Jake ignored the case at times just to be with Sunny. But even after saying that, I think this book had a great balance of suspense and romance. I would definitely read more from this author.
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