To Summon a Demon

Lisa Alder
To Summon a Demon
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Lisa Alder
Release Date
January 2012
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

To gain revenge, she summons a Demon...and loses her heart.

After Lili is viciously attacked by the Fae, she wants revenge. Who better to help her than the sworn enemies of the Fae, Demons. So she uses an ancient sex ritual to summon a Demon lover and offers her body in exchange for his aid.

Prince Gaap, commander of the Water Elemental Demons, is curiously drawn to the mysterious Lili. Though her summons is clearly a trap, an attempt by the Fae to infiltrate and harm the Demons, he cannot resist the seductive lure of her battered soul.

Even forewarned, Lili is helpless against Gaap's sensual attraction and loses her heart to her Demon lover.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Oct 14, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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From the first book, the Demons Unleashed series was one that I knew I was going to love; this book only confirmed it. Lisa Alder has given us another tempting winner of a story, short enough to read in one sitting, but with feisty, sexy characters who stay with you even after the last page has turned.

Lili has managed to survive in the new world that was created when the Demons were released from their prison in the core of the earth. She abandoned her job as a computer analyst and learned to fend for herself in a world without electricity. She endured the death of her fiancé and the loss of her home and her way of life. But when she is ambushed by the Fae, who are the sworn enemies of the escaped Demons, and subjected to their ruthless ideas of fun, Lili refuse to accept any further indignities, and rejects the idea of ‘surviving' any more. Determined to have her revenge on the beings that ruined her life, Lili goes to the sea in order to summon Prince Gaap, the leader of the Demons who commands the water.

But the moment that Gaap appears before her, it's fairly clear that Lili has bitten off more than she can chew. Gaap is enormous, lethal and vicious, but though Lili tells him she is ready for death, he has other ideas. Against all his instincts, Gaap immediately relates to Lili, seeing in her pain the echo of his own despair during his imprisonment by the Fae. Though he and his fellow Demons are sure she is part of a trap, Gaap cannot stay away from the woman who called him, and cannot control the wild passion that flares between them. But both are pawns in a much larger plot, and though Gaap may be trained to fend off the Fae, there may be no way to escape the pain of betrayal from the one human he has ever learned to love…

Lisa Alder is a wonder at creating wonderfully sexy scenes that actually forward the plot of the story. Both Lili and Gaap have spent their lives suffering and surviving and that existence has left deep scars in and on them both. And while both escape that pain in their lust, they manage to heal each other as well.

For Gaap, Lili is quite literally his fantasies come to life, as he has been deprived a woman's company during his thousand years of imprisonment, and he is starving for every single nuance of her pleasure. For Lili, Gaap is not only physical perfection, but his attention gives her back her self-awareness. And his fight against the Fae gives her a reason to live, rather than merely survive. These histories don't always make for easy reading, but it makes the connection between the main characters that much more rewarding.

Another plus is that while the story and writing is enough to make your hair curl, the plot is genuinely gripping, as well. I admit I was confused for a moment regarding precisely how the Fae trapped Gaap, since the explanation is very brief, but it's a pretty clever twist, and really made Lili's decisions for the rest of the book that much more interesting.

I love learning more about each Demon in this series and their unique bonds. Living together for generations has made these guys close. Very close. And while it makes for some interesting (and occasionally awkward) combination and confrontations, it still helps define each Demon and their unique personality. Gaap himself was seldom mentioned in the earlier book in this series, so I was very curious to make his acquaintance. He doesn't disappoint. I was especially glad that we got to see every side of his character, not only the warrior and the hopelessly sexy seducer, but the scars and the anger he carries as well.

I am truly enjoying watching this series unfold. It's white-hot and continually surprising in its storylines, and each character is three-dimensional and fascinating. With the stakes between the Fae and the Demons raised quite a bit in this story and the scintillating teaser provided at the end of this story, to say I'm eager for the next book is a bit of an understatement. These stories each stand on their own, but reading them all is so much fun, why miss out?
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Book Review by Jess (reviewer)
Oct 10, 2012
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How would your life change if Demons were suddenly unleashed on Earth?

For Lili, she loses her life in the city with her boyfriend Brian and slips into an existence of living day to day, haunted by her memories. Ten years pass by since the release of the Demons, years that she has managed to stay under the radar until she's attacked by the fae. Now she's out for revenge and seeks Prince Gaap, commander to the Water Element Demons, to deliver her retribution. Things are never easy when working with demons, though.

While there were a few things that worked well for TO SUMMON A DEMON, there were a number of things that clicked wrong for me.

The author uses extensive prose to paint a highly descriptive sex scene that, while erotic, feels too soon in the story for me. This is where my personal preference comes into play, though; I would rather have a sex scene later in the novel, once the characters have been sold to me. I know next to nothing about the main character and even less about the male lead so there's nothing to entice me into the scene, other than blind faceless sex. There's not a connection, which is something I prefer to have for these scenes but, then again, that comes down to personal preference.

Lili, the purple-eyed heroine, rang a little bit hollow for me in the beginning. She has a deep thirst for revenge, fixated on summoning a demon, no matter what the cost is to her, to retaliate against the fae who attacked her. However, as soon as her plan hits the smallest hiccup, she doesn't fight back. Instead, she immediately loses her passion, begs for sex one last time, and then asks Gaap repeatedly to kill her.

Before the sex scene, we have Lili trying to get him to put his knife through her chest.

She tried to push her chest into the tip, but he retracted the blade with a quickness that took her by surprise. She didn't even seen him move.

After the sex scene, she asks again for him to stab her.

"Aren't you going to do it?" She gestured half-heartedly to the knife he'd set on the rock out of her reach.

"Perhaps later," Gaap said lazily. He still needed to discover how the Fae were planning to use her to get to him. And they must have wanted him specifically because she named him during the summons.

"Maybe I want you to." She held her arms out defiantly as if waiting for the plunge of his blade.

When that doesn't work, and Gaap tells her he has no interest in killing her, Lili tries another suggestion.

"Are you going to throw me into the ocean?" she asked idly, as if the answer were unimportant.

"What for?"

"Like a sacrifice."

I can understand the author is trying to paint the picture of a desperate woman, one ten years in the making, but the way the interactions played out didn't click for me.

Another frustrating aspect for me was that we would have multiple questions raised in Lili's point of view concerning Gaap, his actions, his motivations, etc. We then switch to Gaap's point of view and immediately get all the answers to the questions Lili just asked with the addition of all the questions Gaap has for Lili. Cue another perspective change with Lili's unspoken answers and the same questions she had previously still taking the forefront of her mind, at least when sexy thoughts haven't taken over. It was frustrating to read the same thoughts/questions/answers repetition, leading to a lack of progression in the novel which makes the pacing suffer.

Finally, I think my biggest issue with this book lies with the fact that, even for an erotic novella, there seems to be no situation off-limits to the topic of sex. Each scene, no matter the situation, has the hero and heroine continually thinking about how they want to shove the other person up against the wall and have their wicked way. It was a little too heavy-handed to be sexual tension, especially when the heroine is sewing up a nice big cut to the hero's stomach with a needle and thread she had laying around the house. There's no numbing agent, no drugs, no stick to bite down on, just their continuing arousal and erotic thoughts getting them through the scene as she shoves a needle through his skin repeatedly.

The premise of the story is interesting and the universe has endless possibilities. I just would have loved to see this book after a few of the sex scenes had been scaled back, balancing out the novel a little more. I'd recommend this book if you're in the mood for a book that features a good amount of romance and a bit of action.
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