Burlesque Trio

Alexandra O'Hurley
Burlesque Trio
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
January 2012
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance

"VaVa Violet" DiCosta was the hottest burlesque dancer in all of 1942 LA until a stalker's bullet ended her short life. Stuck in limbo, she watches time pass through the eyes of the club she died in.

Nearly seventy years later, best friends Parker Thomas and Ciprian Svetski fall in love with the style of the old building and decide to return it to its former glory and reopen the old burlesque. But they know business, not talent, and the show doesn't own up to its history.

Violet's given a second chance in someone else's body. She shows the men a thing or two about burlesque, as well as how to sell seduction. And she decides to seduce them while she's at it, but never imagined she'd lose her heart to them.

Or that her killer wouldn't be happy about her return.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Feb 17, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sassy, sexy and full of heart, BURLESQUE TRIO was a great read with a clever little paranormal twist. With an emphasis on the chemistry between the three main characters and the ties that bind them together in the face of the strongest adversity, this is a read as brazen and smoldering as the best of burlesque shows.

Sixty years ago, VaVa Violet was the star of the Burlesque stage, keeping the G.I. hollering for more every time she stepped onstage. After suffering a heartbreaking childhood, Violet's only joy came from her performance and her moments in the spotlights. But any chance at a happy life came to an end when she was shot by a jealous fan, and her spirit was left to haunt the theater in which she once performed.

Since then, Violet has watched her beloved Burlesque club evolve and crumble from generation to generation, with only a few other lonely spirits who can hear or see her. But when her club is purchased and renovated around her by two sexy, savvy businessmen, Violet wonders if there isn't something worth hanging around for, after all.

Incorporeally, Violet can enjoy little more than watching the club's new owners, stealing the slightest of touches or a moment of heat, while being forced to watch Missy Materson, the club's boozy, coke-addicted head dancer take advantage of her two new favorite men. But when Missy's bad habits catch up with her, Violet is given a sudden, stunning second chance.

Ciprian Svetski and Parker Thomas are genuinely worried that, without adequate star power, their new club won't last long enough for the paint to dry. But when their lead dancer Missy transforms from arrogant liability to the sweet, dedicated star of their dreams, it seems their enterprise might just have a chance. Not only that, but Missy has suddenly become helplessly alluring…to both Ciprian and Parker.

And when the desire between them becomes too powerful to ignore, Violet decides that this time around, she isn't settling. She wants these men—together. And she'll have them. But the real Missy isn't going away quietly, and there are forces at work in the Burlesque Theater that would silence Violet for good. Will Cipiran and Parker be able to save the woman they've come to adore—and will they have the courage to embrace a life with her when they learn the truth of who she is?

I loved Violet's joie de vivre and flare. Despite a painful childhood and the frustration of being trapped in the club for so long, she emerges stronger and feistier for all she has endured. A threesome with Ciprian and Parker is daunting, to say the least, but her determination to live to the fullest leads all of them to the most fulfilling, passionate evenings of their lives. And she is willing to fight for that love once she has it, regardless of the consequences. I also really enjoyed the way she guided the other dancers and took control of shaping the club into a blockbuster burlesque show.

Though I would have like to have come to know Ciprian and Parker a bit better before their interactions with Violet/Missy, I could also appreciate the fact that all three of them became defined individuals in finding each other, and balanced each other beautifully. Ciprian's fierceness is tempered by Parker's gentleness, and, ultimately, Parker's doubts over their future together are resolved by Ciprian's savage love for their woman and the happiness that could be theirs. These two men apart are wonderfully seductive, and together are completely irresistible. Dominant and loving, intense and driven, they are a dream team in every sense of the word and I was surprised the pages didn't cook my computer when they turned on the seduction.

The details of Violet's transformation were very well-handled and believable and her second chance at life is a fantasy come true for both the characters and fortunate readers. Each character was well drawn and their chemistry together was wonderfully explosive. I loved getting a peak at the world of burlesque, past and present, and found this book both an emotional read and a sizzler that kept me turning pages far too late into the night.
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