Dark Desires

Erin Dameron-Hill
Dark Desires

Release Date
December 2011
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Merrick is a Blood Keeper, a knight sworn to vows of chastity, dedicated to the Creator, and protector of the commoners. His only duty in life is to watch a powerful Mage, Julia. He is meant to keep her power in check, to make sure her magic doesn't spill onto innocent bystanders. Magic is extremely dangerous and must always be confined. But constantly trolling her moves has put him in an awkward situation, he has fallen in love with her. Love between a Blood Keeper and a Mage is strictly forbidden. Love, in any form, is off limits for a Blood Keeper. Blood Keepers are virgins, married to the Creator so that they may serve only Him and never their primal urges.

All things change...when there is a purpose and Merrick's purpose becomes clear: he must touch the forbidden fruit that tempts him everyday. She has wiggled her fingers deep inside his mind and he can't seem to shake her. He loves her and he acts on that one thought.

Filled with intense longing, Dark Desires is an erotic, romantic fantasy that takes the reader to a whole new world of passion.

Length: Short
Rating: Contains graphic sexual encounter and language.
Genre: Fantasy Romance


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