Loving Valentine

Jane Leopold Quinn
Loving Valentine


Release Date
October 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Don't buy this book if you've already read my short story Valentine's Day.
I've given the book a new cover and new title, so most assuredly
buy Loving Valentine if you'd like a hot, fast love story.

Valentine has loved her brother's best friend Rafe since they were kids. He'd always considered her like his own little sister. As they grew up, they grew apart. Rafe went away to college, even married another woman. Valentine tried to get over her major crush, but seeing him again at Ryan's wedding hurt like the devil. What she had yet to discover was that Rafe was now divorced and as attracted to Val as she was to him.

Can they make a go of a relationship now? Val really wants a chance, even if it's only one night with Rafe.
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