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By Chance Met
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
November 2011
Book 3 of Chronicles of Ylandre
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

A chance meeting heralds the convergence of two heretofore wildly divergent fates.

From the moment he laid eyes on the handsome Lord of Ilmaren, Naeth Orosse fell head over heels in infatuation with him. And after that first meeting in the middle of a tavern brawl in the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, Reijir Arthanna did not forget the orphaned youth who came to his aid unasked. When fate brings them together anew, Reijir becomes Naeth's guardian, which proves both blessing and bane when their mutual attraction is guilelessly nursed by one and distrustfully downplayed by the other.

Between attempting to ignore Naeth's artless overtures and suppressing feelings he had long disavowed, Reijir has his hands full. But more than a title and duty were forced on this enigmatic cousin of Ylandre's king. A less than benevolent past has left its imprint on Reijir who is as known for his cynical outlook on life as he is for his exotic features and proficiency between the sheets. Convincing him to risk his heart in love is a battle more experienced Deira than Naeth have waged and invariably lost.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Mar 07, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is the third book in the Ylandre series, an elaborate world of titles, arranged marriages and male pregnancy. It follows in the footsteps of its prequels, with great characterization, vast world spread and a solid story.

Naeth lost his family in a fire and ended up working in a tavern for a family friend. One night, Lord of Ilmaren walks in with his friends and Naeth is completely enchanted by the Lord's exotic appearance. Naeth is charmingly innocent, being raised in a sheltered manner by his loving family and still has a profound sense of right and wrong despite the jaded view the others around him possess. So once he sees an injustice in a tavern brawl, he jumps to the rescues and consequently saves Reijir's life.

The roles turn quickly after and it is Reijir who saves the day and eventually makes himself Naeth's guardian. The attraction between them is evident and unlawful as Naeth hasn't reached the age of majority (age of thirty). That leads to Reijir distancing himself until the time is right, but once it is – the sparks fly to the fullest.

Reijir's high position is an obstacle in the long term because having Naeth as his leman doesn't solve his need for a spouse. With Naeth not being a ‘True Blood', he doesn't have a high enough social standing to fill in that role for Reijir and give him heirs. Solving those serious issues will take some time and there are plenty of pages to take the readers through it.

The writing style of this series is very difficult. The names come on top of each other rather quickly and it's much easier to get lost in the world than to understand it. A lot of the terms have been used in previous books, but even if not, I would still recommend you read them first, it will make things easier and more enjoyable. Despite that I do like it very much. It takes me some time to get into it and get ‘the feel' of things, but once I do there is no stopping me.

This particular book started slow. The development kind of dragged and most of the story was from Naeth's point of view. There are reasons for it, among them the need to keep Reijir mysterious and make the whole plot more believable. While it was very well thought through and developed nicely, I missed Reijir's personality more. For me he was cut off as a character, getting the chance to shine only at the very end of the story. I would have easily said – change the plot but give me Reijir as a full character – but since that is not possible I'm pretty sure other readers, just like me, will hate him a lot before even getting a chance to understand him.

Naeth was a sweetheart. Really innocent and naïve, he always looked how to do the best thing and often did the worst one possible. It was part of his charm and made him an exceptional character. Unlike Reijir, Naeth is an open book and next to him it's too easy to see Reijir as the bad guy.

The side characters carried the funny parts of this story. They were diverse, interesting and often without a filter when it came to speaking their mind. Where the rest of the story took to the serious note and a great emotional investment, nights with friends made things look brighter, or in Naeth's case – caused a blush.

Chronicles of Ylandre is a series that takes some getting used to and is a bit of an acquired taste. The hermaphroditism alone is not for everyone but the brave ones will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Eressë is probably one of the most talented authors in the genre. The first book in this series has taken the first place and has been firmly standing there since the day it was published. That shows exactly what I'm talking about and any readers who pick up one of Ylandre series books will see the brilliance of the world and the poetry of the author's words. The elaborate development of every detail and the romance threaded in between the sentences will give an experience that will probably stay with you for days, because one thing is for sure, an Eressë book is not something you forget.
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