His Wrath

Cassandre Dayne
His Wrath


Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
February 2012
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Life meant nothing for composer Parker Skye. With his life partner taken by a brain tumor, Parker could barely get through the day. Hiding inside his mansion, he worked on his music and avoided the world. Unable to put the past behind him, a new relationship was not in the cards and yet his dark hungers for sharing a D/s lifestyle remained, burning into his soul. When a fire destroyed his office and threatened his beloved erotic art collection, he enlisted the help of a friend to find a contractor. Jack White knew of the perfect man to bring Parker out of his depression. When Parker set eyes on the chocolate rough-hewn man, he was intrigued.

Clark McGraw, Wrath to those that knew him, was an ex con determined to make something of his contracting business. Railroaded into prison for helping a friend, rage remained buried deep inside Wrath along with a damning secret that threatened his sanity. Refusing to take handouts, when his parole officer asked for a favor, Wrath resisted but the moment he met the sun kissed man, sparks flew. As a series of events pushed Wrath beyond his limits of control, his confusion and hunger for Parker grew. Both haunted and damaged, their respective pasts came crashing in. Which meant unfortunately, a difficult choice had to be made.


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