A Perfect Storm

Cameron Dane
A Perfect Storm
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Loose Id
Release Date
December 2011
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

On an island off the coast of Maine, Lucien Cabot monitors the dark clouds rolling across a bleak sky. Patience and planning have been Lucien's two closest friends for years, and now Mother Nature has aligned to create the perfect storm he needs to exact his revenge.

Television producer Sophie Emerson can't believe her luck when the mysterious owner of Raven Island offers her a story about the island and castle. She really can't believe it. Still, if real, this offer could be the break her career needs. Although suspicious, Sophie agrees to meet Lucien at his home.

Gotcha. Lucien can taste victory -- if he can resist the keen intelligence, beauty, and light in Sophie. Falling for his guest is the last thing Lucien can afford to do.

Trapped on Raven Island, Sophie is shocked by her powerful desire to know more about Ravenstoke's clever, darkly attractive master. In secret, Sophie also searches for the truth behind her invitation to Lucien's island.

A perfect storm of fierce attraction and unbending revenge soon rages behind the walls of Ravenstoke. In the aftermath, once the debris has cleared, will Sophie's love for Lucien be enough to end his dark revenge and bring him back into the light?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements, bondage, exhibitionism, same-sex sexual practices (f/f, m/m), menage.

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Feb 23, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A non-stop erotic ride that will leave you breathless but still wanting more.

Fledgling television producer, Sophie Emerson, has just scored what could be her big break. The elusive Lucien Cabot, owner of Ravenstoke, an island castle steeped in mystery, has agreed to give her a story and carte blanche access, too. The only catch is she has to come alone and immediately. Though she is wary, her curiosity gets the better of her, and off she goes.

The trap has been sprung. Lucien Cabot can taste victory as soon as he's given notice that Ms. Emerson has accepted his invitation. He has plotted and waited until the right time to set his plan in motion. He is intent on avenging a wrong done to his family, and Sophie is but a pawn in his sinister game.

As a massive storm rolls into the coast of Maine, Sophie finds herself trapped on Raven Island with the mysterious, yet sexy, Lucien Cabot, and his small staff. She senses something is just not right, but cannot put her finger on it. A night of snooping through the home's massive rooms, she stumbles upon a treasure trove of adult sexual toys and indications that Ravenstoke is more than just an island castle. Before long, Sophie finds herself catapulted into a world where sexual fantasies are played out in real time and her boundaries are chipped away by the masterful Lucien Cabot.

Though everything is going according to plan, Lucien cannot deny his attraction to Sophie. The way she has opened herself up to him and his world may be his undoing. She is getting to him in a way that no other has ever done. But there is a storm brewing deep within Lucien, which is about to erupt and change Sophie's world forever.

This book is so hot it should come with a warning label: Flammable! The story started out as a mystery of sorts but then went headlong into the erotic BDSM world, and I loved it!

Sophie is an intelligent, headstrong woman, who discovered her sexuality in the arms of a man with ulterior motives. Lucien is a dark, intense, broken man whose only goal was to destroy those who hurt him. The chemistry between Lucien and Sophie was scorching. The sexy cat-and- mouse game between them played out in my head like a movie. Whenever Lucien and Sophie were in proximity to one another, their scenes were so sexually charged, even though there had been no consummation of the act.

The entire story around Lucien's revenge kept me guessing the entire time. I was literally stunned into silence when his true plan was revealed and why. Even the peripheral characters, Magnus, Emma, Cale, Jade and Owen, were well written and added more mystery to the plot. I felt for each and every character in this story, which is something that usually never happens. This book was excellent. Ms. Dane grabbed me from page one and took me on a journey that will stay in my mind for some time.
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