Classic Murder: Mr. Romance

Mary Martinez
Classic Murder: Mr. Romance
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Canyonland Press
Release Date
February 2016
Mainstream fiction, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Billionaire Adam Fernando Russo has a lifestyle most men only dream of. But when the front page headline of the New York Times reads: "Another victim falls prey to
Mr. Romance. Who is next?", he realizes his way of life is not only frivolous but deadly. Once dubbed "Mr. Romance", he's no longer New York's sweetheart. His weekend
dates are mysteriously falling prey to a murderer.

Katie Sinclair, Adam's executive assistant, knows he's innocent. With his airtight alibis, the police are also at a loss. Together, Adam and Katie discover the murderer is copying classic Cary Grant movies. Their plan to prove this is the link between the murders goes astray just as Adam realizes the perfect woman has been by his side all along.

Can he save her in time?​

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Jul 19, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CLASSIC MURDER: MR. ROMANCE by Mary Martinez is a fun contemporary romantic mystery. Even with a murder to be solved, the budding romance is humorous and entertaining.

Adam Russo, a billionaire who enjoys saving worthy companies, is a philanthropist and entertains a different beautiful woman on her dream trip on his off time with the understanding that he has no plans to settle down. It has earned him the title of "Mr. Romance" on the New York society pages.

Katie Sinclair is Adam's executive assistant. She loves working for Adam and discussing business with him and setting up his various romantic trips. She hides her own beauty behind ugly clothes and glasses to be taken seriously on her job, but she falls in love with her boss and wants to shed the disguise.

Adam's dates suddenly start turning up dead, but Katie knows he is innocent because she is his alibi. As Adam and Katie work to help the police solve their case, Adam becomes more and more convinced that Katie is "the one" he wants to finally settle down with, but can they find the killer before Katie becomes his/her next victim?

At first, I was not sure if I could like Adam, but when he turned his romantic ways towards Katie, he grew on me. I always enjoyed Katie, her clumsy nervousness, her dog, her girlfriends and I cheered her on. I enjoyed Katie and Adam's romance. It grew at a believable pace and was romantic, not sexual. They don't have sex until later in the story and it was well written. The murders are based on classic Cary Grant movies and the H/h are like the rich boss and his girl Friday from classic movies. It made the murder mystery even more entertaining. An overall enjoyable read.
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