Melody S. Monroe
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Siren Publishing Inc,
Release Date
October 2011
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Orphaned at age seven, Stone Watson is befriended by a mob family. After college, he distances himself from the family to become an FBI agent. When the mob boss is executed for murder, the jury members are killed one after another. Stone's duty and principles are tested when the mob boss's son is implicated.

Susan Chapman, prosecuting attorney for the case, is threatened, and Stone is assigned as her bodyguard. Susan's long legs, smoking hot bod and take-charge attitude shatter his self-control, and he struggles to maintain his professional distance and impeccable judgment.

Susan's bodyguard comes with a chiseled chest, tight abs and mysterious chocolate eyes. She can't believe her good luck until events cause her to question his loyalty.

Can she look beneath the surface events to see who he really is? Can she afford to?

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Mar 08, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Reading VERDICT is like watching an Oscar winning romantic suspense movie. I could see David Boreanaz as Stone Watson and Dana Delaney as Susan Chapman. It's without a doubt the best novel that I have read in ages! The story was well crafted and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. It's a good thing I was on vacation, because I just could not put it down!

The novel begins when District Attorney Susan Chapman loans her Mercedes to her best friend, Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie starts the car and it explodes, killing Anne-Marie and seriously injuring Susan. Susan wakes up in the hospital in FBI protective custody. Stone Watson is the FBI Special Agent responsible for keeping her alive until the killer can be found.

Susan prosecuted mob boss John Caravello, who was executed just days before the car explosion. Now the jurors who found him guilty are being murdered one by one. Just to further complicate matters, Stone has ties to the Caravello family too. Stone was placed in foster care and his Big Brother was none other than Nicky Caravello, John's brother. When Susan finds out that Stone has ties to the Caravello family, she tries to escape. How can he possibly protect her when he's involved with the mob?

When juror number five, who was under FBI protection, is murdered the story heats up. Stone and Susan decide that they must warn the remaining jurors and do it without help from the FBI. How are the jurors being found by the mob and killed? Is there a mole in the FBI witness protection program? Can Susan get past Stone's ties to the Caravello family?

The main characters in the novel complemented each other perfectly. I loved it when early on in the novel Susan tries to escape from Stone's clutches thinking that she can't possibly trust him. She waits until Stone is asleep, packs her bag, grabs the car keys from the kitchen counter, sneaks out to the car, opens the door and discovers that Stone has been sitting in the car for 3 hours knowing that she would try to leave.

She ends up handcuffed to the bed in order to keep her from escaping and she is not a happy camper. Of course, even with her distrust of Stone, Susan finds that she is extremely attracted to him. Are there any FBI Agents out there who aren't hunks? If there are, don't tell me. I'd prefer to live in my perfect world where all the cops, firemen, highland warriors, etc are all sexy, hunky guys! Not to mention my husband!

Between all the murders, the attempts on Susan's life, and their quest to save the other jurors, Stone and Susan manage to forge a relationship and have some pretty hot sex. The more danger they are in, the hotter the sex! Will the sex turn into love when the craziness ends?

VERDICT is one of those novels that you never want to end, but it did. Now I have to go online to see what other juicy novels Melody Monroe has written and add them to my NOOK wish list.
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