Sweet Restraint

Becca Dale
Sweet Restraint
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Wild Rose Press
Release Date
February 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Savannah Jensen's well-planned life offers everything a woman could want except a driving passion to override self-imposed rules. At twenty-nine, the clock isn't screaming, but it has begun to tick loudly, so when a friend convinces her to attend a bridal blow-out sale, she's not exactly excited about the reminder that she is alone, especially when a gorgeous man sweeps her into a sensual dance that threatens everything she has ever believed in.

Gavin Ferguson doesn't believe love exists, but when he picks up the tuxedos for his sister's wedding, fate, lust, and the family curse throw him a curve. Suddenly, he longs to convince the beautiful woman in ivory that she should be his—at least until he can sate the sexual fire she ignites. Yet, distrust born of disappointment and betrayal insists he protect his heart from the lie of perpetual happiness shining in her eyes.
Once Savannah and Gavin dance, raw desire, too hot to ignore, sweeps them toward insanity with nothing to cling to except sweet restraint.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Mar 28, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After feeling for the first time what a man's sexual touch can do to you, will you have enough restraint to wait for your wedding night? Now imagine the restraint on the man, will he be able to keep his hands away after making you come in his arms and not touch you until your wedding night?

Gavin and Savannah both felt something in each other's arms when they had their first dance in a wedding gown store, where he was picking up tuxedos and she was trying on a wedding gown. The relationship developed very fast but Gavin did not even hesitate in asking Savannah to marry him. He gave her 48 hours to give him an answer, but the proposal came with a contract. He no longer believed in love because he believed his family was cursed.

Savannah was saving her purity for marriage or at least find someone who would not break her heart. Though she knew that Gavin would do just that but she did not care. She wanted to know what she had missed all those years of not having a man touch her, hold her. She knew she was in love and she would make him see that love really did exist, and their marriage did not have to be a business deal.

How best to describe Gavin? Arrogant, self assured, sexy as hell and he had a way of squirming into my heart. He was a sweetheart but he needed to be truthful with Savannah and not hide his feelings from her. You could tell that he loved her from the moment he laid eyes on her but he was scared to have his heart broken. Now for Savannah, I loved her character, yes she was a little naïve but she was persistent and did not back down. The other character that I loved in this book was Savannah's best friend Kate. She wanted to protect Savannah but it was a little too late as she was already head over heels in love with Gavin.

I absolutely loved this book even if it was a fast paced development of a relationship. I loved the interaction between Gavin and Savannah; they just seemed so compatible. Wow, the passion, the romance, the way that Gavin makes Savannah feel is just wonderful. He makes her feel so loved and cherished but they both maintained so much restraint it is unbelievable. This is my second read of Becca Dale and I can say I will continue reading more of her books. If you want a romantic read with some laughs then this book is for you.
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