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Natalie-Nicole Bates
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Bradley Publishing
Release Date
January 2012
Contemporary Romance

Twenty years ago, Nick Lincoln broke teenager Lynsey Reznor's heart when he decided to marry another. Now she is back, along with a chance to reclaim her love. But Lynsey wants answers from him that he may never be able to give out of duty and guilt.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Mar 08, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BACK TO YOU is a sweet contemporary romance that solidifies the fact that true love never dies.

Lynsey left the town of Unity with a broken heart after her first love, Nick, married someone else. Now, she's back and a huge success, but seeing Nick again brings back old feelings. Neither one of them has ever stopped loving each other but it's uncertain if they can put the past behind them in order to have a future.

This is a really delightful novella. I really love the old lovers reuniting trope. I thought the author did a great job with creating the back story and relationship between Nick and Lynsey in a short amount of writing. That lent more to the credibility of the relationship since they got together in a short amount of time.

Nick and Lynsey's relationship was a source of frustration though. It was obvious right from the beginning that they were perfect for each other, but I found that the lack of communication between them made me want to bang my head up against the wall a couple of times in the story.

Overall though, I thought it was sweet and romantic and just a pleasant way to spend a snowing morning in February. BACK TO YOU is the first book I've read by Natalie-Nicole Bates, but I look forward to reading more of her work.
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BOOK INTERVIEW on March 2012
Interview by Rho

Ms Bates, thank you for spending time with us this month to talk about your latest release, BACK TO YOU.

Q: Where did you get the idea for BACK TO YOU?

I wanted to write a book about an idyllic little town with memorable characters. Unity is also the setting for my contemporary romance, Change of Address. I wanted to explore the possibility of a relationship happening after a long separation period. I also wanted to explore dating after a long-term marriage.

Q: Please tell us more about our heroine, Lynsey.

Lynsey Reznor is a successful true-crime writer. She has spent the last decade of her life living in Miami, and before that, Europe. She has dated rock stars and professional hockey players, but has never found Mr. Right. She returns to Unity on impulse—hoping to reconnect with the old friends she had left behind, and possibly make new ones as well. But all roads home seem to lead back to her first love, Nick Lincoln.

Q: What make s Nick a swoon-worthy hero?

Besides the obvious—tall, blond, and gorgeous, Nick has what I can only describe as a quiet sense of power. He doesn't need to raise his voice to get his point across. He's loyal and loving.

Q: What is it about Nick and Lynsey that make them so perfect for each other?

I believe that even though they are polar opposites, they were always meant to be together. They were able to reconnect after a twenty year separation.

Q: Let's fast forward five years into the future, please describe how you see Nick and Lynsey.

Five years into the future, I would expect to see Nick and Lynsey happily married with at least one child. Lynsey will still be a successful true crime writer, and I would expect Nick to have risen to the level of Lieutenant at his job. They would have a strong bond with their family and friends in Unity.

Q: I really liked the town of Unity and the secondary characters in BACK TO YOU. Please give us some insight into what type of research went into not only building the town but rounding out the cast with such memorable characters.

Unity is the center of a community of extraordinary people. Each with their own story to tell. An idyllic little town that keeps you staying or lures you back when you stray. Because I could see Unity so clearly in my mind, it was easy to translate it to words. Although Change of Address was released first, Back To You is actually the first story. It introduces the reader to several Unity residents who may just make a future appearance in another story.

Q: Which character that you've written about so far do you think most closely resembles you? Why is that?

I believe that there is a little of me in all of my characters. The character who most closely resembles myself is probably Josselyn Adler from Back To You. She is a strong survivor. She was difficult to write and I had to draw from a few of my more unpleasant life experiences to bring her to life.

Q: I read in your bio that you are also a book reviewer. How do you think your experience as a reviewer affects your writing?

I was reader first, then a book reviewer, then a writer. Personally, I don't think my reviewing affects my writing at all. I review because I enjoy it. Reviewing is a completely different sector of my life.

Q: You write both contemporary and paranormal romances. Which type of romance to you find easier to write and why?

That's an interesting question. A year ago if you would have asked me what I write I would have said without hesitation, I write contemporary romance. I found that in writing the hero, I like the more unusual aspects—ethereal eyes, tattoos, body piercings, killer chin beards—but somehow, they were beginning to transcend the contemporary. That's how I started writing paranormal.

For me, contemporary is easier for me to write, but I find it's a harder genre to promote than paranormal. Readers seem to be buying a lot more paranormal.

Q: Following up on the previous question, are there any other genres of writing you'd like to branch out into? Why or why not?

I enjoy the horror genre as well. I touched a bit on horror in my short paranormal, Antique Charming. In my current WIP, there is also a wildly graphic horror scene at the very start. I'm not sure I would ever write a complete horror story though.

Q: What is up next for you? Please share with us any upcoming books that you'd like us to know about.

I'm currently in the process of finishing up a paranormal. This story will be the first in a series. I've never attempted series writing, so this will be a first. I'm also doing a lot of research into Victorian-era police work and undertakers.

Thanks a lot for the insight into BACK TO YOU!


Natalie-Nicole Bates may be new to the world of publishing, but she's always been a fan of books and is an active book reviewer.

Now she gets to see what it's like on the other side of the book fence when her paranormal romance, Antique Charming, is released through Books To Go Now Publishing this fall and her contemporary romance, Change of Address, will be published December 16 by Secret Cravings Publishing.

In addition to her love of books, Natalie-Nicole also has an uncharacteristic love of hockey, which can be attributed to the fact she was born in Russia.

Natalie-Nicole now resides in the U.K. with a collection of Victorian and Edwardian era photograpy--her favorites being the post-mortem photographs.



Available now at Secret Cravings Publishing

Available now at Books to Go Now Publishing and Amazon


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