Flowers for Megan

Gloria Davidson Marlow
Flowers for Megan


Salt Run Publishing
Release Date
September 2014
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Twelve years ago, Megan Hardy came home from school to find most of her family brutally murdered. Now she is leading a peaceful and contented life helping others cope with grief. Until she begins having nightmares that bring her closer and closer to seeing the face of a killer... Twelve years ago, Will Kincaid was Megan's closest friend. Unable to deal with his and Megan's shared agony after her family's murders, he left town intending never to return. Now he has no choice but to go back and face the terrible memories, and the girl he left behind... Will's arrival in town stirs forgotten emotions, long dormant memories, and awakens the evil that stalked them that summer day twelve years before. Suddenly, people Megan cares about are turning up murdered, and with each victim, the killer sends her a message. In her mind, the pieces are falling into place. She knows she recognized the face inside the killer's mask, but will her fractured memory piece itself together before it's too late? As the killer closes in, Megan and Will must face the fact that the love they once had for each other still simmers between them—before Megan becomes the final victim.


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