Trojan Gold

Sultry Summers
Trojan Gold


Whiskey Creek Press
Release Date
January 2013
Erotic Romance

An ancient tale of the days in the aftermath of the Trojan War.One old woman, Helle, at the end of a hard life finds a child marked as royalty by the medallion around his neck. Hector's son,Astyanax, thrown from the walls of Troy by the Greeks, left to die. Helle's compassion saved and hid the child to live and become a man.  Her bravery, observed by  Zeus and Apollo, her compassion moved them both.  Zeus rewarded her by restoring her youth. Apollo instantly fell in love with her.  Knowing to bring attention to her and the child by removing her from the small, unpretentious hut she had constructed on the outer walls of fallen Troy would attract the attention of Hera and Poseidon  and both were enemies of the Trojans.  Apollo watches over his new love and the child from the tops of the ruins of Troy and visits Helle in her dreams.The child grows and their anonymity is kept until suspicious, Hera sends Hermes to spy on them finding out the child lives.  Hera now plans their deaths but can find no one to do her dirty work and Apollo protects them.  However Poseidon's interest has been aroused, as have his passions for the now young and beautiful Helle and he attempts to abduct her.  Apollo summoned by eight year old Astyanax intervenes. Now Apollo knows he must remove them from their simple life and make a decision that will change his life - foreverHas Apollo at last found his true love?


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