Home Again

Cardeno C. 
Home Again
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Release Date
February 2015
Book 3 of Home
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Imposing, temperamental Noah Forman wakes up in a hospital and can't remember how he got there. He holds it together, taking comfort in the fact that the man he has loved since childhood is on the way. But when his one and only finally arrives, Noah is horrified to discover that he doesn't remember anything from the past three years.

Loyal, serious Clark Lehman built a life around the person who insisted from their first meeting that they were meant to be together. Now, years later, two men whose love has never faltered must relive their most treasured and most painful moments in order to recover lost memories and secure their future.

Book Review by Rain Hart (reviewer)
Jun 16, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HOME AGAIN is written in dual first person POV, and jumps from present to past and back. Noah's voice is in the 'present', while Clark guides us through the past, and I have to admit that part of the story is my favorite. Not only did I love Clark's voice, but it was also essential to understanding the characters.

Noah Forman wakes up in a hospital, after a car accident, and can't remember how he got there... Actually, Noah can't remember the last three years of his life. He *does* remember Clark Lehman, though – the man he has loved since he was thirteen. But although Clark is finally there, they have a long way to go before they can even begin to hope for the happily ever after they once dreamed of.

I had a really hard time rating HOME AGAIN. On the one hand, I loved the story. Clark is a great character, and I was in the right mood for some lovey-dovey stuff. POV switching and present/past jumps are something I really like – when done right – so, that was a pure bonus. And, a little frustration can't possibly hurt too much.

On the other hand, there were some things that really didn't sit well with me, and made me question the plot and characters more than once.

What I didn't like so much is the fact that Noah's accident was never explained fully. What happened to him? I'd really like to know. Also, the reason for their break-up is (more than) a bit weak. Actually, it's the weakest part of the story, and feels out of character. You'd think they could have acted like adults and talked, instead of Clark just leaving. It really left me underwhelmed...

Overall, HOME AGAIN is a nice, mushy story. If you enjoy that type, and love reading m/m, you should give it a try. You just might end up loving it!
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