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Sayde Grace
Rawhide Angel
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Wild Rose Press
Release Date
January 2012
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

With her father's gambling debts about to ruin the family ranch, Saige Thomely is determined to do whatever or whomever it takes to cover the debts. Unfortunately for her, one man is a sure bet, the one cowboy she's tried to ignore for six months. The same cowboy who makes her body and heart flame to life with each look. Saige is prepared to offer herself in exchange for the money to cover the debts, but what she's not prepared for is losing her damaged heart to another cowboy.

Night after night, for half a year, Chet Haskins has dreamed of having the blonde and sexy as sin Saige Thomely in his bed, writhing under him. At long last his dreams might become reality, only Chet's heart wants more than just a few nights of steamy sex. But will the ghost of past relationships come between them? Or can Chet show the passionate Saige he's truly the one to save her ranch and her heart?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Mar 27, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Chet Haskins can be called a playboy, a rich boy but deep down he is a loving, caring, sexy as hell young cowboy just wanting to love Saige Thomely. He gets his opportunity but will she be able to fulfill her two-week contract?

Saige Thomely has been living a life with no sense of adventure or love since her fiancé died almost 3 years ago. She believes that she is able to have sex with Chet and not give her heart away but when a fantasy of hers comes true and Chet kisses her, she knows things have changed between them and is terrified that she has just betrayed her dead fiancé.

Chet Haskins has been lusting over Saige for a long time so when he enters his apartment and she is on his recliner naked, he almost loses control of himself. Only her offer has his wheels turning in his head and he is ready to give her the ride of her life. Then after two weeks, maybe he can convince her that they do belong together and she can continue loving her fiancé but she can start a new life with him.

The heat in this story is molten hot; Ms. Grace built up the love scene with foreplay and emotion that had me turning the pages to see what else was in store for the characters. Chet loves his sex on the rough side and Saige is right there with him but is unable to express or tell him she likes it rough, as she feels ashamed. The chemistry between Chet and Saige is hot and fun, they each taunt each other until they are both ready to explode.

I fell in love with the characters in the story because they each had a role in each other's lives. I was amazed at how Saige's friends knew her so well that when she needed them the most they were not there for her, but they had a good enough reason for it. She was hiding behind the past and the fact that the love of her life was dead and she did not want to lose her heart again to someone that might also leave her. The friendship between all the characters shows up all the way ‘til the end that no matter what happened in the past, their lives still came to a full circle and their friendship is still going strong, planning for the next victim.

This is actually a very sweet erotic read, but it is also one of the hottest books I have read so far. RAWHIDE ANGEL would be a great addition to any reader's self that loves reading about hot sexy cowboys and what length they would go to in order to get what they want.
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