The Cimmerion Prince

Toni L. Meilleur
The Cimmerion Prince


Siren Publishing, Inc
Release Date
February 2008
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

In times of war where the truth is altered while blood sheds and countless lives are lost, a forbidden love blooms...

After fleeing from the violence of her people, Sedina is captured by the Cimmerion prince, a night demon.

Prince Virk has finally caught the Veletari enemy and is bound by duty to kill the hauntingly beautiful Sedina on sight, but his body roars to life whenever she is near him.

Virk takes Sedina prisoner to use her against the Veletari in a war that has raged for too long, but he is captivated by her sharp tongue, quick wit and beautiful body.

Sedina fights against her growing attraction for her captor, but his potent dark charm and sensual touch quickly conquer all her resistance.

Virk falls in love, and in the process, throws the reigning future of the Cimmerions in question. As Virk finds himself labeled a traitor, rebellion surfaces and the lives of Sedina and the family he loves precariously hang in the balance...

Though not required, it is recommended that Lure of the Cimmerion should be read first.
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