Savaro's Honey Buns

Remmy Duchene
Savaro's Honey Buns
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
January 2012
Book 1 of Sons of Eros
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Savaro Anatolis tries to keep his hands off basketball superstar Jamal Kendricks when he comes into his restaurant looking for honey buns. But how can one keep a moth from a flame?

All his life, people have been leaving Savaro Anatolis: his parents left never to be seen again and lovers only want him for his money. The only people he can count on are his father and brothers. When sexy pro-basketball player Jamal Kendricks walks in to Savaro's restaurant and demands to try his honey buns, Savaro knows he has to keep this sexy morsel at arm's length or Jamal will break his heart.

Jamal Kendricks wants out of the spotlight for a while--he wants to go somewhere he can at least pretend to be normal and consider what team to sign with next. But he didn't prepare for Savaro, his two brothers and fighting demons from Savaro's past. Is love strong enough to save Savaro, or is their relationship doomed from the start?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Mar 02, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SAVARO'S HONEY BUNS is one of those books that attracted me more with its blurb and an amazing cover than won me over with a memorable content. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book, quite enjoyable in fact, but nothing that sticks with a person and makes you think about it for days.

Savaro is a man who has been abandoned and hurt too many times in his life, so he had come to a point where he was content with just his brothers as support and the love of his adoptive father. He has his restaurant and is a successful man, so he honestly thinks he doesn't need anything else.

Jamal is on a break from his basketball career and one thing he wants is a taste of home. His friend shares the location of a restaurant that makes the best honey buns a man could want and it seems like the perfect thing to satisfy Jamal. But seeing the owner surpassed the taste of the delicacy and suddenly Jamal finds himself craving for something far more delicious.

Jamal falls fast and hard while Savaro, although willing, is more than reluctant. His wounds are still fresh and he fears revealing his past because it just might get him hurt again.

I saw Savaro's pain and doubts, it was stated really clearly and made a perfect set up for an emotional but romantic story. But in my opinion the author breezed through it too quickly, telling more than showing and while I do like instant love scenarios, when combined with a character who has been hurt, I need a bit more flesh in the story to make me believe it. Jamal jumped right in, and while that was a sign of confidence, it also made him hasty and somewhat ‘too good to be true'.

Then came the high moment of the story and everything turned too sweet and too accepting. Maybe I would have taken it better if it hadn't been a combination of the two, but as it was, I couldn't force myself to get attached to either of the characters. I admit the brothers were entertaining, but they didn't get enough page space and weren't quite solid characters.

While I am explaining my three star rating, I would like to say that I did enjoy this book and I do like the easy way this author spins a story. I will be looking for more contemporary titles by Remmy Duchene for sure.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Silver Publishing.
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