Dark Moon Rising

Amanda Jayde
Dark Moon Rising
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
November 2010
Book 1 of Dark Wolf Series
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Alexander Christofedes has always been fascinated with wolves. So when he is given the opportunity to study the Apennine wolves in the Italian Alps, he seizes the chance. But everything changes when his camp is brutally attacked, leaving him the sole survivor, and turns his life into a living nightmare. Little did he know when he received that mysterious letter promising answers he would be thrust into a centuries-long battle between rival werewolf clans.

Sabine Luna is a seductive contradiction to Alex's nightmares. The female beta to a secret Benandanti clan, her life and love has always been dedicated to her family and friends. But her allegiance is tested when Alex crashes into her life, and she finds herself drawn to the handsome stranger.

Now, the Dark Moon Clan is being threatened by the very man that conjured them into existence, a dark, dangerous being wholly intent on killing them all. Faced with this menace, Alex must decide between standing unified with Sabine and their clan or turning his back on them and his destiny.

Book Review by Michelle R
Nov 13, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Remarkable debut novel. My favorite new series of the year.

This should be on every paranormal romance reader's "to be read" list. It is simply that amazing. I have read them all. I am an enormous fan of PNR and this sits right up there with the best of them. Fans of Midnight Breeds, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Nightwalkers and even urban fantasy, Kate Daniels, should fall in love with Amanda Jayde. I am promising-- She is THAT good.

Alexander Christofedes went to the Italian Alps to research wolves. He returned to his university the sole survivor of an attack and shunned by his peers. A product of the foster care system, he has never felt lonelier. In search of answers, he returns to the site of the attack.

Sabine Luna, beta to The Dark Moon clan, saved him during that first attack and continues to find herself drawn to the stranger. She must stand up to her brother Dante, the clan Alpha, once again to fight for Alex's life and acceptance by the clan.

As if this isn't enough for Dante's plate, he also has to fend off an invisible foe. Not knowing if the threat is from rogues, another clan, or the creator of them all, Dante's tolerance for Alex's nubile choices is thin. Especially when Dante has to admit there may be a traitor within the clan.

The world building was perfection. At a time when I felt certain everything had been done before, Ms Jayde created a whole new world within our world for the wolves to exist. Just as Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward have infused "god-like" entities into their world, so has Amanda Jayde. Unique unto themselves, I am eager to find out more about The Others and their own internal battles.

The characters are well developed and each plays a significant role in moving the story as well as the series forward. The hero and heroine's choices and instamatic-love seemed believable. They were given plenty of depth in a novel rich with characters and action. The sex was hot and perfectly timed. Honestly, there was nothing sweet and sensual to me about it. It was wild and unbridled and I loved every word.

I really enjoyed how Sabine and Alexander's happily ever after stood at the center of the story, but the core of the plot was the action. This battle and the clan as a whole is what moved the series along. In some series, the action of the rest of the characters and their overall struggle with an enemy sits in the background linking each book. Here it holds hands with the love story and many characters have their moment in the spotlight allowing us to better understand their choices. Rest assured, every character you meet has a role to play.

This story absolutely had me hooked. There was no way I could set it down. Let me just say that while I was having my eyebrows waxed, one eye was always open reading. Now that's determination. Dark Moon Rising is a well crafted tale of new love, and a bright beginning to a new series sure to take shifter fans everywhere by storm. Enjoy!
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