Sienna Matthews
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Chained Hearts Publishing
Release Date
March 2012
Book 1 of Men of Fortune
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Sometimes, a man will risk all...for love.

Derek Fortune considers himself the luckiest of men when his girlfriend Carly married him. He knews she has issues, but he's confident he has been making headway. After all, what girl wouldn't get a serious boost at having landed an eligible bachelor like him? Not that he's bragging, mind you.

That's why he's devastated when he accidentally read a passage in Carly's diary to find out he's apparently made no progress at all. Carly's deep-seated insecurity, born of childhood abuse, continues to eat at her, making her doubt everything. He's afraid that it would soon poison his marriage.

Which he couldn't let happen. He loves her, but does he love her enough to pit her salvation against his own demons? Could he swallow his pride and ask his cousins for help? Even if his cousins agreed, would Carly consent to this unorthodox solution?

Product Warnings: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, voyeurism and public sex exhibition, some spanking and D/s, and group sex with m/f/m/m/m pairing and triple penetration.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Jul 12, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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How do you get over years of your family eroding your self-esteem? What about getting your brains screwed out by your husband's hot and very virile cousins? Sound good? Well, DEREK by Sienna Matthews takes that plan and runs away with it in a deliciously decadent way.

Derek is in love with his wife, Carly, but she's got self-esteem issues. He feels like he's helped her through them during their whirlwind, three-month courtship, but after seeing a passage from Carly's journal, Derek realizes that he's got a long way to go.

Derek wants Carly to feel desired--not just by him but also by others, so he enlists the help of his closest friends who just happen to be his cousins. However, Derek's got some insecurities of his own where his cousins are concerned, and he's not sure if their relationship is strong enough to survive this test. But, Derek loves Carly enough to try.

DEREK was a wonderfully erotic novella that introduces us to the Men of Fortune--group of cousins who like to share their women. YUM. I loved Derek and Carly's relationship.

We also got peeks at the other Fortune men--Adam, Mathias, Nathan, and Oliver. But I have to admit the character that intrigued me the most is Lily, a woman who is very up close and personal with the Fortune men. I hope we get to see more of her in the series.

My first complaint about the book is that it was such a tease. I wanted it to be a bit longer, and I wanted some more insight into the history of the Fortune men sharing. We got a tiny little snippet in the beginning of the book, but I felt like I was left with more questions than answers by the end.

Also, it struck me as odd that a woman who was so worried about her husband cheating on her would sleep with his cousins--even if she was given permission. The premise just didn't sit right with me. There was no discussion about this; this was not something Carly knew about Derek from the beginning, it was sprung on her. That brought me somewhat out of the fantasy--although to be honest, it didn't not keep me from reading on. Yeah, I definitely kept on going.

Overall, DEREK was an erotic romp and a nice beginning to what I think may be a sexy new series. While, I didn't love everything about the novella, I couldn't help but be intrigued by these men. I can't wait to read more of the series.
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BOOK INTERVIEW on March 2012
Interview by Laura

Congratulations on your debut release!

Q: How does it feel to be a published author?

Fabulous! There's still a sense of disbelief when I see my book in "print".

Q: What inspired the Men of Fortune series?

I originally just wanted to write about Derek and the turmoil he experienced when he accidentally read his new wife's diary. Nothing eats at me like a hero's angst! The solution he hit upon involved his cousins and long-time friends, and they--Nathan, Matthias, Adam and Oliver--were so interesting with their own character and proclivities, and really, what author could resist the clamor and demands they make to have their stories told? Not me! Especially when I have these gorgeous hunks in my bed, er, head, during the long, cold nights.

Q: I get you! *wink* So mainly, it's the Fortune men tying the series together?

Yes, basically, each book is a story of each Fortune hero. At the same time, there's also a series arc threading through the first three books, with the thunderous conclusion in the third book. So, you won't see the last of Derek yet, as his story would continue in the next two books.

Q: I personally love revisiting old characters, so what you described above sounds like my kind of heaven! In the meantime, do tell us more about this first hunk, Derek Fortune. What makes him a swoon-worthy hero?

Oh, Derek! The foremost thing that would make readers swoon is that he loves his wife very much, with all her foibles and idiosyncrasies, and even if he'd known her only for all of 4 months. But love isn't measured by how long you've known a person. I digress. Anyway, this trait garnered him a very high rating on my hunk sexy-meter. But he couldn't have foreseen how much this love would be tested. When his wife's dilemma caught him in a trap between her salvation and his deepest fear, he would have to make a decision that could change his life, a decision that would need all his reserves of courage to make.

Q: That certainly sounds grave. What kind of woman is his wife that she would place him in such a situation?

Carly has her own demons to battle. Her childhood was difficult, with a mother who demeaned her and heaped verbal abuse on her, stripping away her sense of worth, and Carly still carries the wounds to this day, wounds that have spilled over into her marriage. Derek has helped to scab some of these wounds, but it's up to Carly--and perhaps to Derek's unique solution--to cauterize these wounds forever.

Q: What's the most romantic thing Derek did for Carly?

That would be a spoiler, so I'll just say, "Read my book, and go on a journey with Derek and Carly, and the entire Fortune clan."

Q: What's your favorite scene? Why?

My absolute favorite scene would be toward the end, when Derek came face to face with his fear. That was so much fun to write. Just imagine: He was like standing on a precipice and all around him was stillness. He couldn't breathe. He was all too aware that any moment, his world could shatter.

However, there's another favorite scene that I would like to share with you, where Derek dropped a bombshell on his cousins:

He [Derek] glanced from one man to the other, a suspicion growing in the back of his head. How had he not seen this before?

"So what you guys are telling me is that you've all had hard-ons for my wife?"

Oliver held up his hands. "Don't kill me, please. It's a natural reaction to a woman I'm attracted to, but I promise I've never done anything about it."

"Guilty," Matthias said.

"I know I should be immune, since I'm surrounded by attractive women all day," Adam mused, "but there's something about your wife, Derek. Or maybe I'm just such a man-whore. Not that I'm thinking of stealing her from you. I don't poach."

"I don't see what's the fuss all about," Lily chimed in, sitting up on Matthias's lap and facing them. "You've all had hard-ons for me and fucked me with them, too. Sometimes, I think you Fortune men have more or less the same tastes in women."

Nathan simply nodded.

Derek stared at them, stunned, his mind whirling at super speed.

Perhaps this was the answer. He remembered when he was younger, how his perception of himself was boosted whenever a beautiful woman hit on him. Perhaps it worked the same way on a woman.

He checked to be sure, never mind that his survey consisted of one respondent. "Lily, would you say your confidence is boosted every time a handsome man made a pass at you?"

"He doesn't even have to be handsome." Lily giggled. "Okay, okay, seriously, yes. His attention reinforced the fact that I'm attractive to the opposite sex. It made me feel good about myself."

"Your ego is boosted, and you gain confidence in yourself as a woman," Adam concluded in triumph.

"A sexy woman who could have any man in the palm of her hands," Lily purred.

All the men saluted her with their beer.

Nothing could be more powerful to convince a woman of her attractiveness than a man's hard cock, erect because of her.

Yes, this could be the answer!

And it tied in with his own need to see her claimed and possessed by his cousins, the brothers of his heart.

Before he changed his mind, he took a deep breath and asked, "My friends, how would you like to help me convince my wife of her worth?"

"I'm your man."

"Whatever you need, pal."

"You don't even have to ask."

"Just tell us what you need us to do."

"Anything." This last came from Lily.

Derek looked each person in the eyes, these friends whom he trusted with his life. Now, he was going to entrust them with something even more precious than his life. "How would you like to fuck my wife?"

Q: Whose character was the hardest to write?

I would have to say Carly. We all like to read about confident, self-assured women, but not all women are like that. In this book, I try to show Carly as we sometimes are--insecure and self-doubting, which may be a product of our nature, background or environment. More importantly, I want to show all these women that like Carly, we should always fight anyone who tries to take this sense of self-worth away from us. Carly's solution may be unorthodox and Carly may have Derek to fight for and with her, but the essence of Carly's journey is that we should never stop fighting.

Q: Aside from the main characters in DEREK, who's your favorite character?

I have something for mysterious men, and both Matthias and Nathan are as mysterious as they can get! I can't wait to explore their hidden depths.

Q: What's up next in the series?

Currently, I'm hard at work writing Adam's story. Adam is the great f*ck machine, but he found himself curiously attracted to a woman who's in love with another. Not one for poaching, he let her be, but the task became even more difficult when they were thrown together to work under close--and seductive--quarters.

After Adam would come Matthias' turn, and his story is one of D/s and bondage. I have some gleaming regarding Oliver and Nathan would just have to speak more. He's the most taciturn of the group, very secretive, and known as Mr. Cool as Ice in bed. It would be so much fun to see the woman who can break him, make him lose all that tight control.

Thank you so much, Sienna, for the insight into your Men of Fortune!


Sienna Matthews is a bespectacled, mild-mannered office employee by day and turns into a mad, raving writer at night and during weekends. The only thing that can be heard from her are the tap, tap, tap of her keyboard. She doesn't need food or sleep as she follows the calling of her muse.


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