Hunting April

Danica St. Como
Hunting April


Noble Romance Publishing
Release Date
January 2012
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Wounded while escaping from fiancé Angelo Martone, a disguised April Hall panics and crashes into surveillance expert Glennon Garrett at a coffee shop. Bleeding and drawing a crowd, April begs Glennon not to call police or ambulance--then collapses in his arms. Former Marine Force Recon Garrett takes charge and carries her to his penthouse apartment. Her secret? Her whirlwind romance seriously went to hell when she discovered the man she planned to wed was a sadistic, blackmailing psychopath with Mob connections. After vigorously defending herself during his attack, she fears that she may be wanted for manslaughter!

When April regains her senses, life becomes complicated as she admits to her rescuer the reasons for her flight. Does Glennon feel sorry for her, or is the growing sexual attraction between them real?

Humiliated when Glennon rebuffs her, April doesn't wait to hear a reason. She makes a break for freedom in the middle of the night. Before she reaches the street, she's grabbed by former Army Ranger Daniel Wyndsor. The problem? As her ex-fiancé's bodyguard, he kept his desire for her under wraps until he broke his contract to take up the search.

With April in jeopardy and time getting short, the men whisk April away to the fortified lodge at Sanctuary. She finds one sexy alpha male with an overbearing attitude bad enough--two men are too much for April to handle. All she wants is to break free of Angelo's thugs and disappear, to go home. But who else is hunting April?
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