My Mistress

Justus Roux
My Mistress


Erotictales Publications
Release Date
January 2012
Book 21 of Master Series
BDSM, Erotic Romance


To me, my Mistress is perfect. Yet, to the community we are a part of they see her as only Master Drake's wife. I hear what they say about Mistress Jessica. She doesn't deserve a husband like Master Drake, nor does she deserve the honor of being named Mistress. Well, they all can go to hell. Mistress Jessica is the kindest, sweetest woman I have ever known. She fills my need to protect, to love and to cherish a woman. I am the strongest and biggest male submissive in the community and so many feel I deserve a more experience Mistress. I love guiding my new Mistress in this new role her husband has honored her with. I will be very patient with her as she learns. She is so worth it to me. I will endure Master Drake and his pets for her. I will endure anything for her. When she looks at me I can see the love that is growing. I don't care if she never becomes the best Mistress in the community. I will serve her as long as she allows, which I am hoping is forever. - John, Mistress Jessica's submissive.

I can't believe I am here at this new Mistress Jessica's home. At least I can be with Dai and Tabitha for they serve Master Drake now. I can make sure those two females will be safe. I don't trust anyone, why should I after what we were forced to endure at that slave camp. Yet, when a man called Master Xanthos saved us from those damn slave traders I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes. I won't let myself be fooled again. I will stay with Mistress Jessica until I know Dai and Tabitha are truly safe in their new home. I know Mistress Jessica's submissive John doesn't trust me. I don't care how big he is if he threatens Dai and Tabitha I will hurt him. But…I don't see any malice in John's eyes. I don't want to trust any of them, especially my new Mistress. Her kindness is foreign to me. Is this kindness real or is it another trick. All I know is it will take something extraordinary on her part for me to ever call this woman my Mistress. - Zero


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