Something Blue

Serenity Woods
Something Blue


Samhain Publishing
Release Date
May 2011
Contemporary Romance

It's bad enough losing the wedding rings, let alone your heart…

A Come Rain or Come Shine Story

Josh Hamnett is best man at his mate's wedding, and he's determined that nothing's going to go wrong on the big day. That's before ex-girlfriend Kate Summerton appears in the church, looking mouthwateringly good in her tight red satin dress. Her maid of honor's dress.

Ceremony, reception, speeches, the first dance…he's got to go through them all by the side of the woman who still haunts his dreams. And to top it off, she's not wearing any underwear.

Their break-up three years ago was explosive, and Kate was sure she'd never forgive how he behaved. But now all the memories are coming back—the good as well as the bad. As their wedding duties keep throwing them into each other's company, Kate can't ignore the resurging chemistry between them—or the nagging thought that maybe, this could be the start of a second chance.

Warning: Contains sexual chemistry hot enough to turn sand to glass—best read while wearing oven gloves and dark shades.


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