Summer Heat

K.B. Cutter
Summer Heat
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Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Release Date
August 2010
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Summer: Brilliant blue sky, pristine sandy beach, the tang of brine wafting through the air. Hard bodies splashing in the surf. Cool drinks in frosted glasses, what more could one want? For Madison and Kate, two intimately close friends, it is Paradise.

Madison left her troubles behind on the mainland, so why was she still plagued by them? Why couldn't she be more like Kate, uninhibited, sexually confident? This was supposed to be a relaxing beach getaway, so why wasn't it?

Madison didn't have the answers; distracted by her pending divorce, angst over her own sexuality and Kate's body and scorching libido, how could she think straight? Coupled with a chance encounter with a local Surfer Boy, sexually charged erotic fantasy collides with reality.

And as the sun heats up the beach, the passion between Kate and Madison grows twice as hot.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Oct 27, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Maddie is on a trip with her BFF Kate so that she can let go of the problems plaguing her life right now. The biggest one is the fact that she ended her eight-year marriage…to pursue a relationship with said BFF. Now they are at the beach and are supposed to be letting loose. Kate has no problem doing that, as she is uninhibited as they come. Maddie, on the other hand, has a more of a problem letting her hair down. However, after some wine, her friend-turned-lover and a three-way with a hot young surfer boy, Maddie may find that she's more than ready to embrace the summer heat.

Let me start by saying that this is a short story. Emphasis on SHORT. At only 27 pages, we can't expect there to be a whole lot of plot or character development. I felt like we were treated with enough history between the main characters to get an idea of how and why they got together, even why Maddie is getting divorced. But I wish I could have felt more of a connection between the two women. The author said there was a connection, but I just didn't feel it. For such short book, there was a lot of sex and it was HOT, sizzling. However, I do feel like one or two of the scenes were a bit gratuitous. They were still very steamy though, although they had little to do with the story. There was one F/F/M ménage scene that I wished had gone on a little longer, and it really made the story for me.

Overall, I feel like this was an erotic short that was meant to titillate the mind, not to mention the body. I feel like it definitely did its job. It is labeled by the publishing company as a "Naughty Nibble", and it certainly was. What it lacked in plot, it made it up in sex…in spades. It was fun and erotic, and I feel like that was the author's point, not so much with the plot lines and character development. This is K.B. Cutter's first professionally published work, and I feel like it was a really good first effort. I look forward to reading more from this author and would like to see some longer stories as well.
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Book Review by Aubreymac
Oct 27, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Summer Heat is a very short erotica story about Madison and Kate. They were involved in College and continued their relationship even though Madison got married. Now Madison is on the verge of divorce and needs time away. She and Kate run away together to an island to soak up some sun. They have many explicit talks about sex and their own sexuality.

I found it hard to believe in the characters and the interaction they had. It didn't seem natural to me. It could have been because the author only had 27 pages to present the characters and have them interacting in such a sexual way. The story also jumped around too much for me. One minute Maddie is going into the beach house, and the next minute there is a bizarre scene where Kate has a penis and Maddie is going down on a young girl. I kept reading to find out if everything would fall into place and have some kind of ending. I believe this scene didn't flow with the story as whole.

I think the story would have been better if it had been longer. The author would have had more time to pace the story better and develop the characters in a way that made them more believable. There is a solid story here but it needs to be added onto. I would definitely read more of this author if their work were longer as I do prefer longer story lines.
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