Dragon Candy vol 2

Talia Skye
Dragon Candy vol 2
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House of Erotica
Release Date
January 2012
Book 2 of Dragon Candy
Alternate Universe, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Candy explores the strange world of the "Kami" empire that she entered in Dragon Candy 1: Captured.

Fully enslaved now she must go where her master takes her, and where her master takes her is ever deeper into realms of total subjugation. While the powerful elite of the empire plot the downfall of our world, Candy must confine herself to giving pleasure to whomever she is lent.

Talia Skye continues to dazzle with her scenes of ingenious bondage and dominance whilst her strange alternative world is thrown into ever sharper focus. Worlds are set to collide and Candy's love for her cruel master grows deeper with every submission he requires from her.

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Jul 02, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Mermaids, lizard men, underwater demons, oh my! Candy is pulled into political intrigue as Lord Hachiman explains his plans to rule both Kami Empire and Earth. As it turns out, the Kami Empire can control when to pull people and material from the vortex. Lord Hachiman's plots are Machiavellian as he involves Lady Uzume as a counter agent. While these plans are in motion, Candy is not neglected. In fact, Candy learns just how depraved the Kami Empire can be.

Candy is separated from Lord Hachiman and is forced through some more sexually depraved tutelage. I am constantly surprised by Ms. Skye's creative deviance. For her BDSM sexual scenes which involve heavy humiliation and sadistic impact play, I would rate this book as five stars. Let's be clear, this is a fantasy book in the fashion of Ms. Rice's Beauty Trilogy. None of these BDSM scenes are even remotely feasible yet they are so bloody hawt. It is hot for me because I enjoy reading humiliation and degradation scenes. Make no mistake, there is nothing light and fluffy here. This is pure gritty, sadistic fantasy.

My favourite scenes involve the water world with Candy forced into a mermaid suit. This suit and the ability to be underwater swimming around are ingenious. As a water lover, this hit my kink like no other. The pain and agony Candy suffers at the hands of the House of Water overloads my sadistic tendencies. It also revs my masochist lust into overdrive. As a voyeur, watching Candy rebel and ultimately submit is breathtaking.

For writing style, this book is a three star. The reason is because of both the writing technique and world building. First, the writing is not smooth. It is a bit jerky with convoluted sentences and complicated sexual devices. I would recommend the author stick to one point of view. With the jam-packed action, switching point of views is disorienting. I'd also recommend the author either provide diagrams of her sex scenes or lessen the complexity. Several of the torture devices for Candy were hard for me to follow. I had to re-read many of the scenes to understand where each body part was placed and how it was restricted. Some of the scenes I never saw a clear picture of how it worked. I received a general idea. This was okay for me in the sense that I was more focused on how Candy felt. For those who have to see each position, this would have been a hardship.

Second, the world building is a bit sketchy. At some points it seemed to be a combination of Journey To The Center Of The Earth and Gorean Saga. We have the prehistoric reptiles with a mysterious religion divided into four houses. Each of the houses is led by an immortal. We never fully understand the alliances of each house. We are given just the bare essential of how the castes are defined. If the world were explained better, the intrigue would have made more impact on me.

Overall, this second installment of DRAGON CANDY is enjoyable with its hot deviant debauchery of Candy. Averaging my two scores gives this book a four star. I recommend this book to BDSM readers who enjoyed Ms. Rice's Beauty Trilogy and want something edgier.
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