One Night Loan

Aislynn Archer
One Night Loan
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Release Date
November 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance

WARNING: This book contains multiple graphic sex scenes (and orgasms), strawberry-flavored lubricant, and a dominatrix who likes backdoor play. If you don't like hot, naughty sex stories, this book definitely isn't for you . . .

Tonight Hanna is going to break out of her comfort zone.

Tonight she's going to take back control of her life, and experience the complete submission of a man to her desires.

Because tonight, for the first time, she's embracing her domme side.

When her domme mentor doesn't show up, Hanna almost backs out--until she discovers her mentor sent her the ultimate gift: John, the delectable submissive who has starred in all of Hanna's hottest, kinkiest, naughtiest, most forbidden fantasies.

John knows every one of those fantasies and is intent on fulfilling them. Knowing the pain he'll endure for Hanna's enjoyment only makes him anticipate their encounter more eagerly.

It's a one-night loan that celebrates forbidden pleasures and pain and explores the emotional intricacies of a domme-sub relationship.
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