Hallowed Bond

Hallowed Bond
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Liquid Silver
Release Date
October 2010
Book 2 of Chronicles of Ylandre
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

Time and circumstances may force true lovers apart but the tie that binds them can never be fully severed.

When Dylen Teris and Riodan Leyhar meet one harsh winter in the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, neither expects the encounter to lead to a fast friendship and abiding love. For a chasm of vastly dissimilar social stations lies between them, and not all Deira could imagine, let alone accept, such a relationship.

Circumstances eventually separate them for what seems forever only to conspire to bring them together once more in the most unlikely of places—at the court of Rohyr Essendri, Ylandre's powerful monarch. Complicating their situation is the attraction that still lingers between them, waiting to flare once more into love. But when one is unwilling to venture his heart again or wholly forgive its breaker, it may take a king's interference to reunite these star-crossed lovers for good.

Contains: hermaphrodism and explicit homoerotic sexual encounters.

Book Review by Debbie (reviewer)
Oct 28, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Do you love fantasy stories? Do you love a good murder mystery? Then this is the book for you.

Hallowed Bond is the story of Dylen Teris and Riodan Leyhar who live in the dual-gendered, hermaphrodite world of Ylandre. They are both from totally different social standings. Dylen is a hethar, an educated companion who provides sexual and social companionship for pay but is not to be confused with prostitution. Riodan is the son of a high ranking Ambassador. He rebels against his father, runs away from home and is found by Dylen. He then lives with Dylen and begins his schooling. But neither man realizes that their unexpected meeting will lead to their friendship and all-consuming love.

The connection between Dylen and Riodan is felt almost immediately. Their love for one another is very clearly shown in the pain each feels after their forced separation. Because of Riodan's station in life, when he had to separate from Dylen, he told him should he ever need his help for anything, to seek him out at any time. There did come a time that Dylen needed Riodan's help. Dylen's father was dying and Riodan had a relative who was the only person known to be able to cure the disease.

When Dylen goes to him to ask for his help, Riodan denied ever having the relationship with Dylen. Due to his social standing, he felt he had to deny it. I thought at this point Riodan was being very selfish and cruel and was only looking out for himself. But this nearly broke the hearts of both men. The story was so well written that I felt their pain. At this point in the book, I was near tears myself and had to stop reading to compose myself before continuing.

Several years later, both men are forced back together again on a work assignment to try to solve the mystery surrounding several murders. Working side by side, they both realized they did still have strong feelings for one another. Dylen however, due to how he was treated by Riodan in the past, isn't sure he can ever trust him again. Riodan had to earn that trust. And earn his trust he did. The love scenes were very erotic and very well-written. You could see the scene in your mind almost like you were there.

Since the men of this world are Hermaphrodites, it was very interesting to read how during lovemaking, they could force the "change" that would allow for what would be the same as vaginal intercourse. The partner, knowing they were going to make love in this manner, had to take a medication to prevent pregnancy. But in this world, they only had to wait for a few minutes for it to work. The men give birth to and nurse all of the babies born on this world. A totally unique concept and one I have never read before.

The fantasy genre has never been my favorite to read, but the way Eresse created this world is quite amazing. This story was very well written. This is the second book of this series. I had not read the first book, but I don't think it is necessary to read it to understand and enjoy this story. I never felt like I missed anything and I never felt lost like you do with some series if you haven't read the first book. I did however have some problems in the beginning with the comprehension of the language used in the book. Thankfully there was a Glossary at the end that I could refer to. I was also confused several times by the number of characters in the book and how they played into the situations and the family ties. It was hard to comprehend which family the men belonged too.

Overall, I would say that those who like a good fantasy will love this book.
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