Wolfsblood: Fire Wolf

Marteeka Karland
Wolfsblood: Fire Wolf


Changeling Press LLC
Release Date
January 2012
Alternate Universe, Erotic Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Running for her life to escape the Lionsblood following her so tenaciously, Soli knows more than just her freedom is at stake. Lionsblood are the mortal enemy of her kind, the Wolfsblood. If he catches her, she has no doubt death would be a preferable fate.

Logan knows the second he scents the little fire wolf she's his mate. Convincing a Wolfsblood to mate with a Lionsblood, though, will be a tall order. Fortunately, Logan is up to the task. With a sensual seduction and one tiny bet, he will capture his mate's body and her heart.

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