The Demon's Seduction

Lisa Alder
The Demon's Seduction
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Lisa Alder
Release Date
October 2011
Book 3 of Demons Unleashed
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance

When they fight for the love of the same Demon, the battle seduces them all.

One of the three Graces, Thalia's purpose is to serve the Lesser Demons, but she's in love with her boss Zepar, The Demon of Seduction. Zepar has unresolved feelings for his friend and former lover, Leraye, the Demon of Battle.

When Zepar rejects both Leraye and the forbidden human woman, Thalia, they turn to each other, bound by their love of Zepar. But of course, he is eaten up with jealousy when they find love without him, until a tragic attack forces Zepar to confront his feelings for both Leraye and Thalia or lose them forever.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Apr 10, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Though the war against the Fae has calmed, no one is foolish enough to think that this is peace, or that it will last for long at all. Especially now that Leraye, the Demon of Battle, has been imprisoned during a battle with the Fae. Unable to move or speak, Leraye sits day after day, staring out at a world in which he cannot participate, guarded by Zepar, his closest friend, who shared a cell with him during the time of the Demon's imprisonment.

Following the revelation that finding true love can create more power than the light of the moon ever could, Prince Gaap has decreed that all his demons find a human to love in order to continue their eternal battle against the Fae. For Zepar, the task should be pitifully easy—after all, how difficult can it be for the Demon of Seduction to fall in love? However, despite having any female he might desire, Zepar is not only far from being in love, he is bored.

One of the few women who can hold his attention is Thalia, one of Zepar's servants, known fondly as his Graces. Though her patience and insight keep him rational, the Graces are forbidden from relationships with demons—no matter how much both might wish for one. So Zepar enlists her help in finding willing women in the hopes of finding love, little dreaming how desperately Thalia wishes that it were she he was taking to his bed…

Heartbroken and frustrated, Thalia begins tending to Leraye, whispering her incredible desire, taking and offering what comfort she can. But when she and Zepar are able to bring Leraye back to life with their energy, things take a turn for the complicated. Because Leraye and Thalia's connection is too powerful to be controlled by any demon laws, and Zepar never considered the all-consuming jealousy he would feel at seeing his best friend pleasure his favorite Grace…Or that the memories of all that he and Leraye shared during their captivity would remain so strong and so very tempting…

As always, this book blends unrelenting passion with a moving story of three hearts finding their way to each other in spite of all odds. Thalia's early life was lonely and though the demons provide her safety and pleasure, it's impossible not to sympathize with her vulnerability around Zepar, or to feel her heartbreak when he continually refuses to accept the love she is so willingly offering him. In turn, Zepar's bewilderment over his feelings for both Thalia and Leraye made it so much easier to feel for him, as well. Though the demons are by no means inhibited, Zepar has comparatively narrow expectations for his love life. Watching him come to accept all these remarkable possibilities was quite memorable, especially when a Fae plot tests the strength of the bonds these three have formed and the depth of their mutual love.

My only critique was that I wanted to go deeper into the minds of these characters and their relationships. There is no doubt at all that this story is just as hot as the rest of the series (if not more so!), but there were parts that felt rushed and less developed than in other books. I found the history between Zepar and Leraye fascinating, and would have loved to see more of their interactions outside of their relationship with Thalia.

That having been said, THE DEMON'S SEDUCTION is a sultry, scorching, welcome addition to a terrific series. I love utterly unrestrained passion that is unleashed between the characters. The world of the demons is rich and detailed and every book just makes me hungry for more!
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