Strip: Tease and Search

Gabrielle Evans
Strip: Tease and Search
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
January 2012
Book 2 of Lawful Disorder
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

After witnessing a brutal and terrifying murder, Kellen Ross has nowhere to turn. Something doesn't feel right about the detectives' lack of interest, but what does he know? Alone and shaken, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever.
Fed up with the senseless violence, Michael Hunter lays down his badge and walks away from it all. When he receives a call for help just hours later, he finds that he can't deny the enchanting voice. Kellen is all the things he's ever wanted in a partner—except the fact that he's a man.
Kellen knows better than to fall for a straight guy. But with someone prowling about the city, determined to silence them both once and for all, he has no choice but to depend on Michael to keep him alive. Now, if he can just convince the man to keep him forever.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Jun 11, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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STRIP: TEASE AND SEARCH is the second in the Lawful Disorder series and picks up the story line where the first book left off. The human trafficking case is still unsolved and more young men are going missing. When one of the suspects is murdered in an alley and Michael and Ryder are removed from the case, Michael has had enough and quits the force.

The development of Michael's character in this story was a surprise after getting to know him in the first book. I am not a fan of the phrase "gay for you" but I can see where some might find this apropos for this particular book. I prefer to look at it as "love for you". It read true in the way that the Michael, who had never been attracted to a man before, struggled with his feelings.

Kellen is such a strong character. If half the things that happened to him had happened to me, I don't know that I could ever leave my house again. He may not have had an easy life but he also won't settle for less and he isn't afraid to walk away from Michael if the latter isn't willing to meet him half way.

There isn't as much storyline about the murder mystery as in the first book but what is there has more twists and double crosses to more than make up for the lack of page time. The author has gone to a much darker place than she has in the past with these story lines. But I think this has given her characters a greater depth and very much showcases the phrase that strength doesn't come from size.

I am so ready to read Racye and Jasper's story, because when those two finally come together, it's going to be explosive! So if you like your stories with a little bit of suspense and intrigue, a lot of relationship drama and angst and some trying to be quiet but everyone knows what you are doing sex, then STRIP: TEASE AND SEARCH needs to be added to your TBR pile.
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