Nya Rawlyns
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PfoxChase Publishing
Release Date
March 2012
Action/Adventure Romance, LGBTQ

Fate and love drive hard bargains…

The death of a 12 year old girl sets off a firestorm and the Mayor promises to clean up NYC's burgeoning trade in human trafficking.

Rowan Wilkes is an undercover vice cop with a checkered past and a bad habit of losing himself in the web of seductive deceit he's tasked with blowing wide open. When he insinuates himself into the dangerous underworld of the Russian Mafiya, he must enlist aid from unlikely sources.

Geran's the handler, the only link keeping Rowan tethered to a world he would rather escape. To prevent Rowan from falling headlong into a maze of addiction, corruption and depravity, he must resort to aid from men who lurk on society's margins.

Sam is both a friend and an asset. The problem is … Rowan has feelings for this man whose past mirrors his own. Will he find himself caught between this growing friendship and his addiction to the dark forces poised to overwhelm both of them?

And when the Feds get involved, no one is safe.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Oct 17, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Someone remarked that this is a strange book and I'd have to agree. The main protagonist is a man called Rowan Wilkes, who is an undercover vice cop. His current role is one of playing a high-priced and exclusive male escort. But Rowan definitely seems to both despise and enjoy his role too much.

He's trying to bring down a child trafficking ring, and he's given an assignment to put a US Senator's daughter in a compromising position for blackmail purposes. Be warned that in this book there is both M/F sex and M/M sex, so for die hard purists of either one genre, take this into account.

Of course, Rowan falls for her as well as having deep feelings for his friend Sam, and between these emotions, his disgust at what he's doing in the name of justice makes him realize he needs to get away. With Sam.

This book takes many plot turns and twists, has a myriad of undercurrents, both seedy and desperate and hopeful and fulfilling, and tackles some rather controversial subjects--child sex pornography, the question of just how far does an undercover cop have to go to bring the bad guys to justice, and the use of drugs to make Rowan's cover all that much more real.

I did get a little confused by all the action and plot undercurrents, the history of certain of the characters, and the underlying stories of some of them. I can't say with any real honesty that I got attached to any one of them, except perhaps Sam, who I felt was the true victim in this story. In a lot of ways. I won't spill it by saying anything else about him but I wasn't a fan of how he ended up.

To me, Nya Rawlyns' work is often dark and dangerous, with a miasma of sheer hopelessness in some parts. As usual, it's well written, the characters are believable--Russian Mafia mobster, kinky individuals, tortured vice cops, damaged young men--but I have to admit this was not of my favorite of her works. Yet it's a truly gripping and dark story, one that definitely holds your interest and where you want to find out just how everything, especially Rowan, ends up. So definitely put on your TBR list and make your own decision.
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