Out of My League

Michele Zurlo
Out of My League
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Loose Id
Release Date
February 2012
Book 3 of Safe Word: Oasis
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Her Wish:

I have to get him out of my system. One day, please. Just give me one day where someone who looks a lot like him tosses me over my desk, spanks me, and gives me what I need. Then I want to spend a nice, relaxing day on a beach with a spectacular view of the Caribbean. I know the second part isn't quite what you guys do, so I'm happy if you can swing the first part.

His Wish:

She drives me crazy. That little package of hotness wrapped in baggy clothes. I want to strip her naked and show her another side of me. Well, I know that'll never happen. I'll settle for someone who looks exactly like her. And then I'll need to get my head back together before I have to face her for real. Someplace warm. With a beach.

* * * * *

The reconstructive surgery that gave Mia the confidence to ask Oasis for a fantasy involving someone who resembles Kaelen didn't erase her insecurities, but she's hoping it would start healing the emotional scars she's carried for far too long. Whenever he's around the breathtaking teaching assistant, Kaelen can't seem to keep from sticking his foot in his mouth. He'll do anything to show her that he's so much more than the incompetent graduate student he always appears to be.

When the two of them show up at the designated spot, they're both shocked to discover that Oasis granted the wish neither had the courage to make. After a mind-blowing day together, neither can find the courage to ask for more. They part ways only to end up assigned to the same room at a Caribbean resort. Will the sultry atmosphere help them both make their deepest wishes come true?

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
May 20, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Oasis Fantasy Fulfillment agency does it again! Well, actually Michele Zurlo did it, but this latest addition to the Safe Word: Oasis series was a sexy read, and it has me wondering if there is a "fantasy fulfillment" category in MY phone book.

Mia has wanted Kaelen since he's been in the class she's the teaching assistant for, but she knows he's too gorgeous to give a plain girl like herself a second look. Imagine her surprise when he shows up at the Oasis site. She's not sure what to think, but she knows that she can't let the opportunity pass her by.

Kalen knows that Mia will never give him a chance, so he'll have to settle for a look-alike when he contacts Oasis--the fantasy fulfillment agency. But when it's the real Mia he gets, he knows that he was given the chance of a lifetime.

I am really enjoying the Safe Word: Oasis series, and OUT OF MY LEAGUE is no exception. I really loved Kaelen's character. His delicious dominance but underlying sweetness made him definitely swoon-worthy in my book. He definitely made the book for me.

This story was a unique twist on the Teacher-Student trope. I really liked the way it was done. Mia had some serious body issues. Luckily, Kaelen was just the man to help her get over those. The way he helped with that...YUM. We had some spanking, some light bondage, and lots of hot sex. And the chemistry between Kaelen and Mia was palpable from beginning to end.

OUT OF MY LEAGUE is another great addition to the Safe Word: Oasis Series. With such yummy sexual chemistry and an even yummier hero, I devoured this book in one sitting. I think if you like BDSM romance, but prefer it not to be too heavy, OUT OF MY LEAGUE and the whole series should be right up your alley!
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