Lemonade Dreams

Mary Lou George
Lemonade Dreams
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Siren Bookstrand Publishing
Release Date
February 2012
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Ten years ago, undersexed, overweight Ellie Brisby risked it all for the chance to be loved by Jackson Sedgwick. To this day, she's haunted by nightmares of his harsh rejection and the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Nikki Harper.

Summoned by her aunt, a savvy, slimmer Ellie returns home to small-town Georgia and manages to resist the pull of Jackson's cocky charisma, but when Nikki's murdered body is dug up and suspicions of Jackson along with it, she can't stay detached for long.

Against his better judgment, the happily-ever-after-phobic Jackson is showing an interest in the grown-up Ellie. How long will that last? Thrown together, Ellie and Jackson face off against a wily killer, but dark secrets and motivations threaten to taint their feelings for one another. He crushed her in the past. Can she afford to trust him with her future?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jun 26, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Family can lead you back home but can love make the difference for your staying or will it make you run back to security? That is something Ellie is trying to figure out, but the more time she spends around her first true love, the harder it seems to leave home. But after too much rejection, how much more can she take?

After Ellie left her hometown, she kept herself busy after she graduated college, then she found a job teaching art. Her Aunt Bertie had made time to visit her niece and Ellie was grateful but soon she found herself going back home. She believed she had enough time to prepare herself before having to face Jackson but no luck, as he was there greeting her soon after her arrival back home. When his ex-girlfriend was murdered, it seemed that they were going to be spending lots of time together.

Years ago, Jackson kissed Ellie, but some emotional feeling came over him and he pushed her away, believing that he was doing the right thing. But when he saw her again ten years later, he could not stop touching her and he had a hard time understanding what he was feeling. When she decided to investigate the murder of his ex-girlfriend, he found himself wanting to protect her because he believed that she was going to endanger herself. So when he found out that she was almost shot, he once again found himself pushing her away and telling her to go back home.

The chemistry between Ellie and Jackson was hot. They were a couple of times that they were disrupted in the middle of lovemaking but when it finally happened, Ellie was so in love. Ellie and Jackson did have some intense arguments but Jackson had to understand that she was no longer a child and she could make her own decisions. This story was a page-turner because you wanted to find out who killed Nikki and why. I felt for Jackson for being accused for killing Nikki and some town people would not mind seeing him pay for it but there was no evidence that he did it. Ellie was so intent on clearing Jackson, even if he acted like a jerk at times. The amount of heat and suspense was perfect. I was truly shocked when I learned who did it and why.

This book was suspenseful but at the same time sweet. It was touching, engaging and well written. If you are into romance with a twist of suspense, LEMONADE DREAMS is the perfect book for you.
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