Callie's Heart

Kathleen Ball
Callie's Heart
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Forever Home
Release Date
April 2012
Book 1 of The Lasso Springs Series
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Western Romance

Callie Daniels' mother has one dying wish. She wants neighboring rancher, Garrett O'Neill, to marry her seventeen year old daughter. It's not supposed to be a conventional marriage.Garrett O'Neill would keep Callie's ranch safe and Callie would go away to college.

Four years later, Callie comes home with stars in her eyes and happily ever after in her heart. She plans to make their marriage real until finds the new housekeeper, Sylvie in Garrett's arms.

Heartbroken, Callie takes off to her own house, which they closed up four years ago. She stays there with Old Henry, a longtime friend and ranch hand, until her new horse injures her. Garrett forces Callie to move back in to his house.

Callie finally gets her heart's desire. Alone in a line shack, they make sweet love for the first time. Unfortunately the love light is gone from Garret's eyes the next morning.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Aug 13, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It seems that cowboys are the new heroes in many books. In CALLIE'S HEART, the cowboy had major groveling to do since he truly knows nothing about women. It truly amazed me that he was so blind in seeing that Callie was hurting because of his actions, and the amount of rejections that he did. Callie truly had the biggest heart to forgive because I really don't know if I could.

Just the opening of this book and it was like a force of nature to get me to stop reading it. But after Callie's arrival back home after four years, away at college, she was hoping to see her husband and see where they were in their marriage. Only to find him with his arms around a young woman, if I could call her that, sitting on his lap with their lips locked together. What an awful welcome home surprise. After that, it seemed that poor Callie could not get a break in her life; either she was getting injured on the ranch or she was crying because Garret was being an "ass".

Garret is an "ass". I was truly hoping that he would be able to see that he was hurting Callie but it seemed that he did not get it. Sure I understand that he was put in a difficult situation in marrying Callie in the first place, but come on, try and have some compassion. He believed he was too old for her and perhaps she should start dating, since no one knew about their marriage except for one person. When she did go out on her first date, he realized that he did not want her in anyone's arms but his. However, the realization came a little too late, buddy.

There is a killer among the ranch hands and someone wants their land because of the amount of oil that can be found underground. Besides the murder, other incidents were happening around the ranch. They had to watch each other's back, especially Callie since she was threatened twice.

It took me a grand amount of willingness to forgive Garret after what he did to Callie. At one point, I wished that she would forget Garret and go after Stamos, but I knew Callie would never be happy with him. The love of her life is Garret, and no matter what, she would follow her heart. There were two incidents that happened that got me so mad because he was accusing Callie of being a cutter to the point that he really thought she would do something to herself. But soon Garret and Callie have a heart-to-heart talk, and finally he is able to understand her.

There were times that I admired Callie but there were times that I wanted for her to have more of a backbone towards Garret. Now Garret was a man that did what he needed to do in order to move forward with the ranch. Yes, I called him an "ass", but he ended up being a loving husband, once all the secrets were out. He knew how to make Callie feel like she was in heaven, but had a hard time keeping her there. Even though there was so much fighting, bickering and crying, the passion that they shared was amazing and heartwarming.

CALLIE'S HEART was filled with mystery/ suspense that it captivated me from the beginning. The story was well written with just the right amount of romance. I can't wait until book 2 comes out in September and I am really hoping it has to do with the one ranch hand that was so thoughtful with Callie. I want to see him happy like Callie and Garret.
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