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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc
Release Date
March 2012
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Trey Calhoun is successful at everything except his personal life. After breaking up with his partner of ten years, he accepts a promotion which takes him to a new city, where he begins a new life—alone. Recreational sex provides him some relief from his loneliness. So does Trey's discovery of the books of the M/M romance novelist Pandora Reynolds, whose lurid imagination supplies Trey with some exciting bedtime reading.

When Trey makes the acquaintance of his new neighbor, the college professor Bobby Pandour, he knows he has found a new friend. What Trey is not prepared for is the possibility of real life becoming as complicated, and ultimately as satisfying, as fiction. He soon finds himself attracted to not one but two men. And the revelation of Pandora Reynolds's real identity proves, once again, that fact is not only stranger than fiction—it can also be even sexier.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
May 20, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This was one of those times when I picked out a book solely based on its blurb. A hot threesome that needs a bit of work to function and I'm as happy as I can be.

The beginning of the book was promising to that extent. Trey found himself as an extra in a threesome once his boyfriend found a guy who meant more than a trick. Reacting on impulse as well as hurt feelings, he accepts a promotion and moves across the country. At first he is lonely, but next to his good looking, although somewhat reserved, neighbor and all the sex buddies he accumulated along the way, eventually he starts thinking his life is pretty great.

At the beginning of this story, while I was still enthusiastic and expectant, I was positive I would give this book four stars. I liked the main character, the sex was hot and the story kept on promising so much. At that time I was still sure Trey would end up with the married guy, Mike, since he had sex with him for the bigger part of the book. I was also thinking the other member of the future threesome would be Bobby, the neighbor and writer. While half of my predictions did come true, that only happened in the last thirty pages of a book with three hundred plus pages.

What disappointed me the most was the 'happy for now' ending and the fact that there is almost no romance to the story, just sex, sometimes even group sex. While I have been known to give a high rating just based on the way the characters heat up their sheets, in this instance that wasn't enough and the sex scenes, while steamy were riddled with exaggerating sex talk (I don't mean dirty because I love dirty chatter during sex) and technical words that had more of a place at a doctor's office than in a bed.

When it comes to the writing I found that it suited me for the most part. Like I already said, I liked the book or the idea of it at least, but it certainly would have worked better with fewer descriptions and without whole inserted pages of the book one of the MC had wrote. The beginning was a bit confusing since it started in the present, then flipped to the past then sort of melded into present again without a chapter title or anything similar, but more tiring were the descriptions of every single room, object and act. The book could have gone without half of it at least. Maybe someone will find it interesting that there's essentially another book inside this one, the one the secreted romance novelist wrote, but I pretty much hate that stuff, and there were pages and pages of it in this story.

I do feel somewhat bad for giving this book two stars, probably because I see all that it could have been and I did read the whole thing without actually forcing myself too badly. But at the end of it, my overall opinion is that it failed to deliver what the blurb had promised and had I not read it for the purpose of a review, I probably would have been rather angry, both for wasting so much of my time as well as the feeling of dissatisfaction that will now force me to pick up another, more invested romance.
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