Satisfying The Curse

Kelly Gendron
Satisfying The Curse
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Red Sage Publishing
Release Date
May 2012
Book 2 of NESA Book
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Juliana Pratt is cursed. Her father's warned her many times she's destined to be a wanton just like her adulteress mother. It's why he's kept her in all-girls schools, hidden away from his elite society. However, when her father's arrested for murder, he needs Juliana to come into the spotlight to portray the doting daughter. Juliana agrees to the interviews and talk shows, but before she goes on the two-week tour of lies about her father, and with him behind bars and unable to stop her, she must first take care of her starving curse.

And Juliana picks the perfect man to get the job done. She secures him to a bed, but fails terribly at finishing the task. Her thoroughly teased curse is left famished. Later, Juliana discovers that the man she'd chosen to fulfill her every fantasy is also the agent assigned to protect her for the next two weeks. Her curse becomes relentless and will stop at nothing until the delectable NESA Agent T. Ryker has satisfied its hunger.

Agent T. Ryker prides himself on his discipline-that is, until his new assignment, Juliana Pratt, puts that renowned discipline to the ultimate test. Once he discovers that Juliana is the woman who drugged and handcuffed him to the bed in his hotel room, he also finds out her true identity. Ryker agrees to satisfy Juliana's ravenous curse, but he has his own reasons for doing it, and it's not just to give Juliana's body what it craves... for there is something else Agent T. Ryker wants from Juliana Pratt...

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Sep 14, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Never thought that I would start a book where a couple of pages into the book there is a drugged man tied up on a bed and a woman ready to seduce him into satisfying the curse.

Juliana "Ana" Pratt is being guarded by a NESA Agent because someone has been threatening her life. Her current agent is getting ready to relieve her duties to another agent but on her last night being guarded by Josie, they both attend a MMA fight. There, Ana finds her wanton curse awaken for one of the fighter's "The Kid." The only way to make sure he is secure is to drug him and tie him up so he does not flee or hurt her when he realizes what is happening.

But Ana finds herself being dominated by him when she should be the one doing the dominating, but because she is an inexperienced twenty-six year old, she does what she is told. When the "The Kid" realizes she hasn't been touched, he stopped, and her satisfying her curse will not be happening anytime soon.

Agent T. Ryker "The Kid" finds himself tied to a bed with a sexy tigress that is planning to seduce him. He believes that he has tainted blood because he was born of a rape. All I can say is that he truly has control of his feelings, as no matter how much he wants to touch Ana, have her in every way but he was able to stop himself. Then, he finds himself with a new assignment, but before he can figure out who he is supposed to protect, Ana flees.

Agent Ryker believes he is protecting a rich bimbo that doesn't have a care in the world. He finds her speaking method a little bizarre but his opinions don't count, as he had a job to do. What will he do when he figures out who this person truly is?

The sexual chemistry that Ms. Gendron creates between Ana and Ryker is amazing. The relationship between them seemed so realistic and there were times that I found myself laughing because of the banter between them. The sexual frustrations that they both find themselves in is hot and comical at the same time, as they both make the moves on each other. Ryker has amazing self control, but eventually things escalate and I guess you could say the curse is broken. Ms. Gendron has a different writing style than I'm used to, but I could not put the book down. The psychological elements, the bantering, the adventure and, of course, the chemistry between Ana and Agent Ryker is amazing and it will make the read just fly by.

I will need to make sure I pick up the first book in this series. I know this book will have you doing a little bit of thinking but sometimes it's good to go out of element for a bit. Believe me, this book is worth it. Pick up your copy today and see what twists and turns Ana and Agent Ryker find themselves in.
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