Toni L. Meilleur


Siren Publishing, Inc
Release Date
April 2012
Book 2 of The Greater Clans
Erotic Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Kaddox, a proud Tigerian Commander, is determined to make the ones responsible for the murders among the Greater Clans pay. While hunting his enemy he finds Paege, a lone Pantheraum female, barely alive in one of their deadly traps. Kaddox decides she'd make the perfect bait to lure his enemy. But the beautiful woman tempts him as well to cross the taboo lines of Greater Clans mixed mating…

He found her barely alive and helped to save her life, but Kaddox, the cold, detached warrior, wants nothing to do with her, save to use her for bait to catch their common enemy. But Paege can't resist the sexy Tigerian shifter as her body flares to life every time he is near. Then one night she finds the injured warrior in her care, and she breaks a sacred code among healers…and must pay a heartbreaking price.
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