Black Moon Rising

Eliza Gayle
Black Moon Rising
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Loose Id
Release Date
October 2010
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance

One man claims her by blood, the other by possession. One wants revenge.

At the rise of the Black Moon, Sierra is to be named the new Alpha of her pack. But first, she must take a wolf mate before she can claim the position. Problem is, she's in love with two men, one of whom is strictly forbidden. Willing to live a lie, she publicly acknowledges one and keeps the other her dirty little secret.

Nolan and Marek understand Sierra's needs. Nothing gives them more pleasure than to make her burn, body and soul. Until the pack is attacked and a temperamental stranger from the past threatens to send them spiraling apart. Now she must choose between love and duty, a decision with fatal consequences. Whoever said you could be Alpha without making the hard choices...lied.

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Nov 21, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sierra, a wolf shifter, is being crowned the new alpha of her pack. During the mating ceremony with her lover, Marek, an attack is made on the pack. Her bodyguard and human lover, Nolan, spirit her away to safety. The trio set out to find out who or what has forged an attack during the black moon. To make matters worse, Sierra's father is also missing.

It soon comes to light that Cole, Sierra's former college lover, is the culprit. Once she sees Cole, Sierra realizes that the feelings she thought were dormant, rise to the top. His sudden appearance and reasons behind it cause major stress between Sierra, Marek and Nolan, not to mention with her pack. Could Sierra's past ties to Cole cause her to lose everything she's fought so hard to obtain?

This novella had all the makings of a good story. However, I found the plot too bogged down with sex. Don't get me wrong - I love a well written sex scene, which these were. However, seven pages into the story was way too soon to start the heavy breathing. I wished the author had given us a little more substance and more character development for Sierra. I never really got a sense of who she was. I found her one dimensional with not a lot of layers to her personality. We also never got to see her interacting with her pack as the alpha.

I truly did like Nolan and Marek, however. They were both strong alpha males who took care of and handled Sierra well. I got a sense of how deeply each one cared for her. This story had the promise to be awesome, but for me it just never materialized.
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Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Nov 22, 2010
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The story opened with Sierra in preparation for the mating ritual on the occasion of the rare black moon in years. From the first page, we are drawn right into the action, with Sierra in turmoil over mating with Marek while leaving her human lover, Nolan, out of the loop. Yet, she had no choice, not if she wanted to be alpha of her pack. Like Marek said, when she's alpha, she could change the rules.

The sex scenes were so hot you could practically feel the heat rising from the pages. The first one happened early, but I felt it was totally in line with the plot of the book. Nolan, Sierra's human protector, was yummy, a totally dangerous alpha hero who pushed all my buttons. I especially like the way he took his duty as Sierra's protector very seriously, almost as seriously as he took his delight in being Sierra's lover. Though he was jealous that it was Marek who got to be Sierra's official mate, he understood pack law and abided by them. A man of honor and seriously, he deserves someone better than Sierra.

Not that Sierra's bad, but it's natural for her as a were to have more than one lover, and I kinda thought Nolan deserves to have one woman who's devoted to him and him alone.

Sierra is a contradiction of alpha and sex incarnate, but perhaps the black moon influenced her more carnal urges. She's a strong were, with a deep sense of responsibility to her pack, and when the attack on her pack first happened, she was all kick-ass woman, determined that nothing would get in her way to find the perpetrators. Yet at one point, she was all for giving in to her sexual urges, when one second before, she was itching to go hunt down the attackers, and it was Marek who reined her in. I supposed I expected more from her as she wasn't just any were, but the alpha.

However, such minor inconsistency didn't bother me much as I was swept into the story as Sierra's past came back to haunt her and secrets were revealed.
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